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1. What is the difference between Credit Me and Credit U?

Credit Me allows Digicel prepaid customers to request credit from another Digicel prepaid or postpaid customer. Credit U allows Digicel prepaid or postpaid customers to transfer credit to Digicel prepaid customers.

2. Can a postpaid customer send a Credit Me request?

No. Postpaid customers cannot send a Credit Me request.

3. Why is Digicel introducing this product?

Credit Me will address cases of need when access to other top up methods is limited/unavailable.

4. What amounts can I request using the Credit Me?

You are not required to request or transfer credit according to the amounts that are currently available.

You can request and receive any variable amount greater than or equal to KYD 5.00 and equal to our less than KYD 5.00.

5. Is there a maximum amount of credit that can be requested in each Credit Me request?

Yes. The maximum amount of top up credit a user can request is KYD 300.00

6. Is there a limit to the amount of Credit Me that I am allowed to send?

Yes. You have a maximum of 10 Credit Me requests per day. If you attempt to exceed this amount you would get the following message: 

“You have exceeded your maximum request. Please try again tomorrow. Thank you”.

7. What is the maximum amount of credit that can be requested via Credit Me each day?

There is no limit to the amount of credit that can be requested in a given day.

8. Can I request or transfer non-whole dollars?

No. These messages do not allow the entry of decimal points. Amounts requested and transferred must be in whole dollars.

9. Are there any criteria that I need to meet in order to send a Credit Me?

Yes. You must be a prepaid customer with a balance less than KYD 5.00, or with expired airtime or service dates in order to send a Credit Me request.

10. How do I send a Credit Me?

Simply dial *127*Phone Number*Amount Requested# SEND

For example:

Mary’s prepaid number is 12687201234. She wants to request KY$ 50.00 from John – John’s number is 12687201234. To request the funds, Mary simply sends the following to John’s number: *127*12687201234*50#

11. Is there a service fee or any other charge for sending a Credit Me?

No. There would be no cost attached to send a Credit Me request.

12. Am I required to register for the service?

No registration is required. All prepaid customers are automatically provisioned to send Credit Me requests.


13. What happens after I send a Credit Me message?

You will receive the following confirmation message:

“Your request was sent, you have requested $ *amount* from *Phone Number*

14. What does the person that I send a Credit Me message to see?

The person will receive the following message:

“*Phone Number* requests $*Amount*. A service fee of $*Amount* will be taken from your account. Please type *Acceptance Code*100 # and press send to agree.”

15. If I request a particular amount (e.g. KYD 20.00) can my friend who I sent the Credit Me request be allowed send a lesser value (e.g. KY$ 10.00)?

Yes. Remember Credit Me and Credit U are independent services. 

16. Is it possible for me to receive less credit or more credit than I requested?

Yes. Credit Me and Credit U are independent services.

17. Can I send a Credit Me to an international number?

No. you are only allowed to send a Credit Me to Digicel Cayman customers.

18. Will I be able to request funds from Digicel customers in other islands?

You will only be able to request funds from other customers of the same island, irrespective of the location of the creditor and/or recipient EXCEPT the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) islands (Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Lucia & St. Vincent, Antigua & Barbuda), that use the same currency

19. Can I bar someone from sending me a Credit Me request?

No. Barring is not available.

20. Will Customer Care be able to bar persons who are abusing the service?

Barring will not be available. Extreme cases, that could be considered “abuse,” will be referred to the technicians that will take appropriate action.

21. Will my balance be accessible to creditors (either before or after a Credit Me request)?

No. Privacy of customers is observed at all times.

22. What will happen in cases where there is credit exceeding KYD 10.00 on accounts that request a Credit Me?

An error message “Sorry, your balance must be less than KY$ 10.00 to request funds” would be issued to customer as the subscriber MUST have less than KYD 10.00 on their accounts.

23. What happens if I don’t have adequate funds to complete the transfer?

You will receive the following message: 

“Your attempt to transfer KYD *amount* to + *Phone Number* has failed because you do not have enough credit. Please add credit to your account.


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