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Broadband Plus Back To School Offer


Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is the Broadband Plus Back to School Offer?

This offer provides new subscribers with a 15% discount for three months when they sign up to TDD-LTE during August 2 to September 30, 2021.


2.       Who qualifies for this offer?

All new residential subscribers who sign up for this offer during the Promotion period.


3.       How will the discount be applied?

The discount will be applied as follows:

·       New subscribers 15% of the 100 KYD subscription, customers will still be required to pay the 15 KYD rental plus 100 KYD installation fee.

·       Migration subscribers: will continue to get the free installation and the 15 KYD rental fee waived.


All other terms and conditions applies.


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Plan Type

Data Allotment




LTE Broadband

Plus 25


Up to 25Mbps

Up to 5Mbps

1 month

LTE Broadband Plus 50


Up to 50Mbps

Up to 5Mbps

1 month