Simply MORE For MoM...!!!


M is for May - Mother's Day


It's a whole month of celebrating motherhood this May & it’s time to upgrade and get a brand new smartphone for You and Mom!


Here’s how you can win:


1. Download the Billo App! Free to download from the app store


2. Upload your favorite photo or video of you and mum or the mother figure in your life using the Billo app


3. Share this memory with us, by copying the private link on Billo and 


4. Send an email to: to submit your entry


5. All entries will be uploaded for voting via Digicel Cayman Facebook page, voting ends May 31st 2021


Download the Billo App today and get 5GBs FREE storage space + Simply MORE! With a Digicel Prime Bundle!


#SimplyMore For Mom


Mother's Day