Billo Terms and Conditions


Billo Terms of Use

Effective date: February 19, 2021.


What is Billo?

Thank you for using Billo, a new-generation cloud storage platform, where you can safely store all your files ranging from photos and videos, to music files and phone contacts, and access all your data via your mobile phone, tablet and computer at any time!


With the help of Billo, you can easily and safely back up your photos, videos, contacts, music lists or documents, and make room for new ones!

What’s on this page?

The Terms of Use on this page (shortly referred to as “Terms”) contain basic information about the use of Billo (“Service”) via the mobile application or website ( as well as certain rules we agreed upon.


The titles on this page are as follows:

            Information on the Providers

•            General Terms

•            Principles of Use

•            Pricing, Renewal and Cancellation

•            Intellectual Property Rights, Contents and Licence

•            Potential Issues Regarding the Service and Legal Disputes

We are aware that reading this text can be tiring. We try to reduce your effort as much as possible by providing a succinct explanation. We recommend that you read these Terms carefully. You must accept the Terms in order to use the Service. If you do not accept any part of the terms of use, you should not use the Service. When you register in the Service or access the Service via, you shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.

Digicel has the right to suspend your use of the Service if it detects that you have failed to comply with the Terms of Use or if it reasonably reaches such a conclusion. For detailed information, you can review the “Suspension and Termination” heading below.

In addition to those described here, we also have a Privacy Policy regarding the processing of your personal data that you share for the purpose of use of the Service and that occurs during your use. You can find details about the processing of your personal data there.

Information on the Providers

Billo is provided by  Digicel Caribbean Limited (“Digicel”, “we” or “us”) registered at 20 Micoud Street, Castries, Saint Lucia, with the registry number 2000-00076 .


Within the scope of your use of the Service, you may enter into a contractual relationship with third parties with which Digicel collaborates, depending on the geographical region you are in. In such case, we remind you that you will be bound by such contractual obligations in addition to these Terms.

The technical infrastructure of Billo is provided by Lifecell Bulut Çözümleri A.Ş. (“Developer”) at Aydinevler Mahallesi Ismet Inonu Cad. Kucukyali Ofis Park B Blok Apt. No. 20 Maltepe / Istanbul,Turkey, registered at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with the registry number 0608125676300001 and tax number 6081256763.

Billo is the brand name under which Digicel publishes the Lifebox application owned by Lifecell Bulat. Digicel is the registered trademark proprietor of the brand “Billo”.

General Terms

Privacy and Security We work hard to ensure the privacy and security of the Content provided to us by our users. In order to achieve this, we strictly adhere to the principles and rules in our Privacy Policy, and we pay ultimate attention to develop and implement the features of the Service in a way that makes you secure at the highest level.

Geographical Scope During the provision of the service, Digicel can collaborate with various operators. For the operator subscribers with whom a collaboration is conducted within the framework of these collaborations, various benefits may be offered in relation to the Service, and certain aspects of the Service may vary during the provision of these benefits.

Age Limitation You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service.

Subscription You should subscribe to use the Service. After registration, you can find membership types and prices  for Billo on the  Usage & Packages page on or on the Account Details page in the Settings in Billo.

Please note that if you have obtained a gift code or an access right sold and/or provided by third parties for Service membership, other terms and conditions, to be determined by third parties regarding your use of the Service, may also be applicable.

In the event that it is understood that you do not meet the requirements for the membership type you have chosen, Digicel shall be entitled to apply what it deems necessary from the actions under the ‘Suspension and Termination’ heading.

Your Account You must keep your username, password and payment information for your service account confidential and not share them with any third party. If you think someone else has this information or if you suspect it, inform us immediately via

Inactive Accounts If you use the Service for free, all the contents in your storage area shall be deleted if you do not log in to your account for a period of 12 months. You can continue to use your account even if the deletion takes place. In case of such deletion, you are not entitled to make any claim from Digicel.

Links Links that are directed from  Billo to third-party websites are provided for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave Billo. Digicel does not control these websites and is not responsible for the content and accessibility of these websites. Digicel does not in any way support or represent these websites, or the materials contained in these websites. It is solely your responsibility to access third-party websites from Billo.

Amendments and Revisions Digicel is at any time entitled to amend or revise the Terms of Use. Please check this page frequently to learn about possible revisions.  We may send you notifications in case any revision of major significance is made to the Terms of Use (including via e-mail, mobile app or website).

Transfer Digicel may at any time transfer the Service and/or its rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party or organization freely and without giving you any notice. This does not affect your obligations that you must meet within the scope of conditions set forth in these Terms. You may under no circumstances assign or transfer your rights, obligations and responsibilities arising from these Terms to third parties.


Principles of Use

In addition to the requirements contained in the Terms, this section includes other rules that you must follow when using the Service.

During the use of the Service, you agree and undertake that:

•            You will not provide inaccurate information for your account, allow third parties to use your account, act on behalf of a third party without their lawful consent or pretend to be acting on behalf of a third person, institution or organization;

•            You will not use the Service other than for personal purposes or in a fashion which can be deemed normal;

•            You will be personally responsible for the use and management of all information that allows you to use the Service and any process performed using your devices or accounts will be deemed performed by you;

•            You will not modify, disrupt or hack the Service, disable the features which ensure the security or protection of the contents, alter the Service via methods such as reverse engineering etc. or support third parties who attempt to do so;

•            You will not intentionally damage the Service and Digicel or any user hardware with trojans, worms, logic bombs, script automation tools or similar materials or misuse the Service in a manner to cause a negative impact on user experience or use any automation tools or other functions to gain access to the Service (such as robots, spiders, scrapers, etc.) or use the Service for data collection purposes such as data mining, etc. and support third parties with such intentions; and

•            You will not use the Service in a manner to result in a criminal act, require legal proceedings, be in or encourage breach of national or international laws and regulations or to contain illegal, threatening, disturbing, insulting, invective or aspersive defaming contents, be depreciatory, vulgar, graphic, a crime against public order, immoral, discriminatory, disturb or harass others, attack personal rights, or be in breach of the confidentiality rights or private life or other proprietary rights of third parties,

otherwise you will be held personally responsible.


Pricing, Renewal and Cancellation

Pricing Subscription fee, invoicing and payment terms may vary in paid subscriptions based on the subscription type. You can find detailed information for Billo on the Usage & Packages page on and the Account Details page in the Settings in Billo.

You will be required to pay a certain fee to use the Service based on the subscription type you choose.  In the event that you fail to comply with this payment obligation, your use of the Service may be restricted, suspended or terminated. If your User Contents exceed the free allowance and you continue to default on such payments for six (6) months, your User Contents may be deleted at random until only the free allowance of storage is occupied.

If you purchase the Service together with third-party products and/or services, you will be obliged to pay the fees for such third party products and/or services as well to use the Service; otherwise your access to the Service can be suspended or terminated.

You will be responsible for the fees and liabilities regarding the internet access required to use the Service. Digicel will not have any responsibilities in case you cannot access the Service or use it fully due to problems related to your internet service provider.

In order to ensure that the Service works properly, you must use the updated version. You can find information about supported devices and versions in the FAQs located in About the app section of the Billo page in the app stores. Older versions of the Service mobile app can be excluded from the scope of support, as part of the planning that Digicel deems appropriate. Digicel shall not be liable if you cannot access the Service or cannot take full advantage of the Service due to outdated devices and/or versions.


Renewal and Cancellation The terms regarding the renewal and cancellation of your service membership may vary depending on the type of membership you have purchased. In this regard, the terms and conditions in the Subscription Agreement shall apply.

For detailed information about the renewal and cancellation process, please visit the FAQs page on The Service is by nature an intangible service provided in a digital environment which is immediately performed and delivered to the users; therefore you are not entitled to withdraw and your request for cancellation will be valid only as of the end of the subscription term.

If you have purchased your membership through the app stores, you can perform all your transactions related to membership, cancellation and payment through the relevant app store. We strongly point out that Digicel does not have any responsibility regarding membership cancellation and refund of membership fee performed via app stores. In the event that the payment required for the continuation of your Membership is not made, Digicel has the right to suspend or limit your account.


Intellectual Property Rights, Contents and Licence

Intellectual Property Rights The Billo mobile application (i.e. the mobile application software, including the source code) is the property of the Developer and is duly licensed to us. Billo may contain Content belonging to us, our Affiliates, the Developer and our licensors and assignors. Billo and its Content are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws and we retain all rights in the Content and Billo. You can access the open source codes used in Billo, from the page on You can use the open-source codes only in compliance with their principles of use.

License Granted to you for the Use of the Service Subject to your acceptance of these Terms, you will be granted with a non-exclusive, non-assignable, revocable and limited-time license to use the Service solely for personal and non-commercial use in compliance with these Terms excluding any available open-source codes. Therefore, please be informed that you will be under legal responsibility if you act in breach of the license.

Contents in the Service Any content ("Contents") , including those created by the user ("User’s Content"), is intended for the personal use of the user. Any commercial use of the contents is prohibited. Otherwise, Digicel reserves to claim all kinds of compensation.

We hereby declare that you will be personally responsible for any violation of intellectual and industrial rights that may arise from your use of content in a way that does not comply with these Terms and Digicel can recourse you for any damages and losses, including indemnification of the costs incurred by the right holders or professional associations.

User Contents and Rights Granted to Us by You All kinds of documents and contents such as photo, video, collage, animation, phonebook records etc. which you have uploaded to your account (“User’s Content” or “Content” or “Your Content” etc.) belong to you.

In order to ensure that you can fully use all the features of Billo, you must grant us some rights for the ‘User Contents’ owned by you. For example, we can carry out operations such as uploading contents to Billo, backing them up, sharing them when you request it to be shared, classifying them by using face recognition feature or location information, analysing your photos by using the PhotoPick feature etc. with your consent. In order for Billo to perform the operations requested by you and work properly, Digicel or affiliates and/or partners may need to access and process your contents.

For this reason, where lawful, you grant us an irrevocable, global and non-exclusive right, free of charge and limited to the usage period, to use and sublicense your Content for the purpose of provision, functioning and development of the Service.

Digicel does not control or supervise User Contents on the Service. We are entitled to control, supervise, reject, alter or delete User Contents which we deem to be incompliant with the Principles of Use at our sole discretion provided that it is technically applicable and lawful to do so. Digicel does not guarantee full or partial access to User Contents or their storage in any form sent, received or used by you.


Contents owned by Third Parties Some of the contents you’ve uploaded to Billo may be protected under the intellectual property rights of others. Please do not upload, copy, download or share Content unless you are authorized and right holder. If you violate this obligation, Digicel will take the necessary measures and actions, including suspension or termination of your account, in accordance with the Terms.

Content Violations If you think that any of the contents is in breach of the rights of you or third-parties you represent or the Terms of Use, please inform us by sending an e-mail to

When you send us a notification in this context, we request you to include the following information in your e-mail:

(a) Your name and contact information;

(b) The location of the content that constitutes a violation in Billo and which of the following the content violates: (i) your rights, (ii) rights of a third party represented by you (iii) or the Principles of Use; and

(c) Definition, explanation of the right which is allegedly violated and holder of the relevant right.

Digicel will take the precautions and actions it deems appropriate for the nature of the content you have reported. This includes not taking any action if it is decided by Digicel that the content in question does not violate anybody's rights or the Principles of Use. Digicel is not obliged to negotiate the transaction or transactions it has chosen to perform following the notification you have sent or to inform you about these issues.

Digicel is entitled to suspend and terminate the accounts of users who violate the Terms of Use. If you abuse reporting channels, you are likely to encounter similar results.

Name, e-mail address and other information provided by you in your request are included in your takedown request and can be shared with third parties including the complainee where lawful. Detailed information on processing of personal data is available in the Privacy Policy.


Potential Issues Regarding the Service and Legal Disputes

Suspension and Termination The use of the Service incompatible with the above mentioned Principles of Use or in a way exceeding the scope of the permission granted to you may constitute a serious violation of the Terms of Use and may result in one or all of the following actions that may be taken by us:

(a) To terminate your right to use the Service immediately, temporarily or permanently, and to delete related User Contents;

(b) To recover damages that may arise due to your misuse of the Services as a user,  only where lawful to do so; and/or

(c) To share the information about the violation in question with the competent authorities to the extent it is necessary and lawful.

Actions to be taken in case of a breach are not limited to those listed above and Digicel is entitled to take other measures or legal actions as it deems appropriate.


Termination or Revision of the Service Digicel will make reasonable efforts to ensure the proper functioning of the Service. However, temporary disruptions may occur due to updates which are required to be made in certain situations (force majeure, technical problems, maintenance, tests or works to be carried out to put the legal requirements into practice etc.). Digicel always reserves the right to temporarily or permanently and partially or completely change or stop the Service and/or Content without any prior notification or consent.


Waiver Digicel reserves the right to restrict access to the Service at any time without notice. Digicel and/or our Affiliates, directors, shareholders, employees, licensors, contract staff, partners, agents, the Developer shall not be liable for any technical problems, errors or deficiencies that you may encounter during your use of the Service because the Service is not accessible at any time and for any period of time. In the event that Digicel is notified of such an error, Digicel will make reasonable efforts to correct the error in the shortest possible time.

Natural disasters, war, mobilization, fire, government and administrative decisions and similar situations which occur in a way and to the extent that stops the Service partially or completely, temporarily or permanently and/or makes impossible to provide Service are considered as force majeure. In such cases, Digicel and/or our Affiliates, directors, shareholders, employees, licensors, contract staff, partners, agents, the Developer shall not be liable against you for non-fulfilment of its obligations.

Digicel and/or our Affiliates, directors, shareholders, employees, licensors, contract staff, partners, agents, the Developer shall not be responsible for the loss of profits, income, data or other financial losses or consequential private and/or indirect damages, administrative/judicial fines and/or material/immaterial damages incurred by you in connection with your use of the Service, unless otherwise specified in the legislation.

Digicel does not make any commitments regarding the Service, it provides the Service "as it is" without any conditions or guarantees. Digicel and/or our Affiliates, directors, shareholders, employees, licensors, contract staff, partners, agents, the Developer are not responsible for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) caused by the use of the Service. However, Digicel’s total liability against you or your legal successors for the use of the Service or any requests associated with the Service is in any case limited to the amount you have paid to Digicel for the last twelve months in connection with the use of the Service.

Severability If any of these Terms is deemed invalid, the other terms and conditions will remain valid to the extent that they are still legally applicable.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction Any dispute related with the Service will be solely subject to the Turkish law without any regard to the principle of conflict of laws and will be settled by Istanbul Anadolu courts and execution offices. However, Digicel reserves the right to file a lawsuit in the country you reside or in a third country due to the breach of these Terms of Use.


Contact us If you would like to provide us with feedback on the Service, you can contact us via the "Contact Us" option under the ‘Settings’ section of the Service.