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As a Digicel+ customer once you sign up for a Variety Home Fibre Bundle 250 Broadband service and get it at the special price of $140.

Fibre Optic is not your regular cable. It is made up of flexible, yet durable strands of glass; it redefines the delivery of home entertainment today. Fibre is so powerful that it moves all of your data faster and more securely than regular broadband - a 100 times faster to be exact, rain or shine.

And it gets even better! Fibre optic not only powers your online world, but your entire home. It delivers reliable and amazingly clear call quality plus an ultra-sharp and interactive TV experience that puts you in control of your entertainment.   

First, highlight the channel on either the Mini-Guide or TV Guide menu and then pressing the * button on your remote. A heart will appear next to the channel indicating that it has been added to your favorites.