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LTE Freedom Bundles

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What is the postpaid Freedom Plan?

Digicel’s Postpaid Freedom Plans are the best options for an always available service, providing best value for your budget. You can choose from a 3 plan range with Unlimited Digicel talk, Unlimited Digicel text and lots of data.


How much does it cost to activate a Postpaid Freedom Plan?

You can get your Freedom Plan for as low as ECD $120 at any Digicel Store.

 Freedom plan type

 Monthly Subscription (ECD)

 Data Allotment

 Unlimited Talk


 Postpaid More


 12GB per month

 Unlimited Digicel talk

 4000 to any local network

 Unlimited Data & Talk Rollover

 Postpaid Extra


 20GB per month

 Unlimited Digicel and local networks talk

 6000 anywhere minutes

 Unlimited Data & Talk Rollover

 Postpaid Max


 30GB per month

 Unlimited Digicel and local networks talk

 8000 anywhere minutes

 Unlimited Data & Talk Rollover

* Anywhere destinations are: Local US, CAN, UK landlines & other Digicel territories.

**WhatsApp calls or video calls are not included. These will be deducted from the plan data.


How do I sign up for a postpaid Freedom Plan?

To activate a postpaid Freedom Plan visit an authorized Digicel store with the required documents.


Are Postpaid Freedom Plans available to all customers?

Yes, any customer can sign up for a postpaid Freedom Plan. Both existing and new customers can sign up for a postpaid freedom plan by just visiting an authorized Digicel store.


What documentation do I need to sign up for a Postpaid Freedom plan?

To activate a Postpaid plan, customers are required to take:

  • A valid form of ID
  • Proof of residence (preferably a utility bill)
  • The deposit for the plan of choice


Which countries are considered Digicel Territories?

With all of our new Freedom Plans you can feel free to call to your loved ones to the following destinations without extra charges:

 Anguilla   Aruba   Barbados   Bermuda 
 Bonaire   British Virgin Islands   Cayman   Curacao 
 Doninica   Martinique   Guadeloupe   French Guiana 
 St. Martin   Montserrat   St. Kitts & Nevis   St. Lucia 
 St. Vincent & The Grenadines   Suriname   Turks & Caicos   Trinidad & Tobago 


Does my data and talk rollover with my Postpaid Freedom plan?

Yes. All unused data & talk will rollover to your next billing cycle. Rollover only qualifies if your account bill is paid in full and on time.


How many times can I rollover my available data and talk?

All the time - as long as your account bill is paid in full and on time.


What will happen if I send messages outside of my free unlimited on-net SMS?

You can send as many SMS as you want to Digicel numbers. SMS sent to other local networks and International will be charged at $0.44 per SMS.


How can I check the data and talk balance of my plan? 

You can check your remaining minutes and data by using the MyDigicel app


Can I use my Freedom Plan with any handset?

Yes, as long as your handset is compatible with the Digicel network. Make sure your handset is compatible with the following bands:

  • LTE band
  • HSPA band
  • GSM band


Am I able to use WhatsApp for free with the new postpaid plans?

Yes, you will receive free access to WhatsApp services except for voice and video calls. The use of voice and video services will be deducted from your active data allotment.


Will I be able to switch from one of the new postpaid plans to a Smart plan?

Unfortunately, once you have activated any of the new Freedom postpaid plans, you will not be able to revert to any of the plans previously offered by Digicel.


Am I able to use the voice, data and SMS while roaming?

No, if you activate a Freedom Plan and you travel outside of your country (roaming) you will not be able to use any SMS, minutes or data from your plan. You will be required to activate a roaming plan in order to make calls and in some cases, use data.


  • Post-paid FREEDOM Plans are offered for the personal use of individuals and not for commercial use.
  • To help protect against the possibility that customers may occupy an unfair share of the network, Post-paid FREEDOM plans will be subject to fair usage guidelines which are designed to ensure that quality of service and reliability are maintained at all times. These fair usage guidelines give an indication of what we believe is normal and reasonable for an individual user.  
  • Voice and data allotments are only applicable while in Anguilla. Once roaming, customers may activate a roaming plan or roam at the prevailing standard roaming rates.
  • Digicel reserves the right to terminate the Post-paid FREEDOM Plans offer if, in its sole opinion, the PLANS are being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to, unreasonable levels of usage, reselling or attempts to resell the Data/Voice, whether on a commercial basis or otherwise, general abuse deemed as an attempt to undermine the integrity of Digicel’s network or services.
  • Digicel reserves the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily) the Post-paid FREEDOM Plans being offered to its customer at our discretion.
  • Digicel reserves the right to at any time, with or without notice, to vary or cancel the terms and conditions of its Post-paid FREEDOM plan. In the event of Digicel giving notice to Customers of any such changes to or cancellation of the Service, it shall suffice for Digicel to give customers notice via messages to customer’s handset/device or to post such notification on Digicel’s website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.
  • In addition to the Terms and Conditions herein, customers remain bound by any other terms and conditions of use for any of Digicel’s other services, including the general Terms and Conditions for Digicel Telephone Services. 


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