SKN Summer Time Prime

Summer Prime Time

This summer, Digicel SKN is giving all Prime customers a chance to win cash and

This summer, Digicel SKN is giving all Prime customers a chance to win cash and other prizes by simply using a Prime service and enjoying the digital experience!

Summer Prime Time

Summer Prime Time

Promotion Launch Date: 8 July – 20 August, 2021

Target: Prime customers – Prepaid, Postpaid, Home and Entertainment

1.      How does this promotion work?

Three lucky customers using or signing up for the Prime bundles on prepaid, postpaid or Home & Entertainment, will be selected biweekly as winners. That’s a total of 9 winners during the promotion. The grand prize includes rewards for two customers, one selected by the Digicel team and the winner gets to choose a “Best Prime Buddy” to win as well.

2.      How can I qualify to win in the Prime Summer Time Promotion?

·        Prepaid: activate any Prime Bundle

·        Postpaid: pay your prime bundle bill, sign up for Postpaid Prime            

·        Home & Entertainment: pay your cable/internet bill


3.      What are Prime plans and packages?

Prepaid and postpaid Prime plans include calls, text and data PLUS access to all eight digital apps.


Sports (SportsMax), Music (D’Music), News (Loop), local radio and podcasts (GoLoud), TV streaming (PlayGo), enhanced messaging and marketplaces (BiP), cloud storage (Billo) and self-care (MyDigicel app)


4.      What are the qualifying plans?


Prime 1 day

Prime 14 day

Prime 3 day

Prime 30 day


KNA Prime More

KNA Prime Extra

KNA Prime Max

KNA Prime Port More

Home & Entertainment

Digicel Play 50

Digicel Play 75

Digicel Play 100


5.      Where can I activate my prepaid plan?

Prepaid plans can be activated via the MyDigicel App or *141#.

Prime plans are labelled and at the top of our menus.

6.      Where can I pay my bill?

Bills can be paid via the MyDigicel App or any one of our retail stores. Home and Entertainment bills are paid in Nevis.


7.      Where can I sign up for Prime Postpaid?

Sign up for postpaid plans can be done at any of our retail stores. A $100 security deposit is required, 2 forms of ID and proof of address.

8.      Where can I sign up for Prime Home and Entertainment?

Sign up for H&E packages can be done at the Nevis retail store. A $250 security deposit is required, two forms of ID and proof of address.

9.      MyDigicel Prime for the Summer Time

Activations and bills paid via MDA receive DOUBLE chances to qualify for the promotion

10.      What are the prizes and how often are winners selected?


Three winners are selected bi-weekly:


Prepaid: XCD $500, 14 Day Prime Bundle, Prime access to all of our digital apps, Prime DL3 Plus pro


Postpaid: XCD $500 cash, Prime access to all of our digital apps, 1 Mifi, 5GB Data


H&E: XCD $500 Cash, Free Echo dot, free speed upgrade or movie package for 1 month


Grand prize: USD $1000 cash, winner gets to choose “Best Prime Buddy” to win $500USD cash as well

11.      What dates are the winners selected?

Winners are randomly selected and awarded on the following dates.

·        Week of July 12

·        Week of July 26

·        Week of August 9

·        Grand Prize August 20th

Winners will be contacted by Digicel SKN Marketing Executive

Additional Terms and Conditions

A.     This Promotion is offered for your personal use and not for commercial use and you agree not to sell any rewards redeemed through this Promotion.


B.      We reserve the right to disqualify you or terminate this offer if, in our sole opinion, the Promotion is being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to selling or attempts to sell the prizes, whether on a commercial basis or otherwise, general abuse deemed as an attempt to undermine the integrity of our services.


C.     The selected winners must have complied with these Terms and Conditions to enter and be on an active, qualifying contract with no accounts held with Digicel being in arrears to be eligible to win the prizes.


D.     We reserve the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily), this Promotion being offered to you at our discretion.


E.      If a prize is unavailable, we may, in our discretion, substitute the prize with an alternative prize to the equal value and/or specification.


F.      Prizes are not exchangeable and are not redeemable for cash.


G.    We reserve the right to, at any time, with or without notice, vary or cancel the terms and conditions of this Promotion. In the event of us giving notice to you of any such changes to or cancellation of the Promotion, it shall suffice for us to give you notice via messages to your handset/device or to post such notification on the Digicel website or the App. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.


H.     Winners may be required to take part in related publicity, including (without limitation) publication of the name and image of a promotion winner along with their winning entry via Digicel’s website, social media and other press and media channels. No additional payment will be given for this.