DoDisney Promotion FAQs

Do Disney



1.      What is the Do Disney Promotion?

Our Do Disney Campaign engages Kittitians and Nevisians to activate and sign up for our GSM & H&E services, while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the Ultimate Experience of a Disney Adventure for 4 persons (2 winners).

2.      Whats is the Do Disney Promotion period?

This runs from July 9th , 2019 to October 30th , 2019

3.      Who does the Do Disney Promotion apply to?

This applies to ALL Digicel Prepaid, Postpaid and H&E subscribers

4.      How do I enter the Do Disney Promotion?

By simply performing any of the qualifying transactions at either of our stores you have the opportunity to be the winner, i.e. Activate a Freedom LTE Plan, Join our LTE Postpaid, Home or Entertainment family, Pay your Bill in full & on time (GSM & H&E)

5.      What is included in the Do Disney Prize?

Air fare for 4 (2 adults & 2 kids – under 18)             $500 USD                 Disney Cruise tickets for 4     

6.      How do I qualify?

Prepaid: Join the network, Top up $30 or more, Activate a 7 day Freedom Plan (or higher).

Postpaid:  Sign up for a Freedom LTE Plan or pay your bill in full.

H&E: Sign up for or reconnect TV/BB service, pay your H&E bill in full.

7.      When will winners be selected & how will they be notified?

Winners will be called on November 3rd, 2019

8.      What are winners required to do?

Winners will have time to decide on their time of travel. Travel can take place between June and September 2020. Winners must have valid travel documents (including US Visa)

9.      How many customers will Win?

There will be 1 winner for GSM (prepaid or postpaid qualifier) AND 1 winner from H&E.