Do 3 FAQs

Do 3


1.      What is the Do 3 Promotion?

Our Do 3 promotion encourages persons to sign up for our H&E services and receive the instant gratification of a FREE handset and bundle plan

2.      Whats is the Do 3 Promotion period?

This runs from July 15th , 2019 to Sept 30th , 2019

3.      Who does the Do 3 Promotion apply to?

This applies to ALL residents able to apply and receive our H&E services in Nevis

4.      How do I enter the Do 3 Promotion?

Simply sign up for both H&E services (TV & Broadband)

5.      What do I get for signing up?

When you sign up for both services you will receive a FREE Samsung J2 Core and a 7-day Freedom bundle plan on a NEW sim.  

6.      How much does it cost to sign up?

All you pay to sign up for both services is a security deposit of $250

7.      What is my monthly bill for the TV & BB services

The lowest bundle package available is $204.75 (VAT inclusive). Higher bundle packages are available.

8.      What is the value of the phone and the plan?

The Samsung J2 Core is valued at $499 and the Freedom bundle plan is currently valued at $29.99

9.      Do I receive the handset upon sign up or is it a chance to WIN?

You receive the handset when the TV & BB services are activated. Every customer who signs up for both services will get the FREE device and Plan

10.   Is there a contract period when signing up for both services?

Yes. New customers have a 1 year contract when signing up for our services