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Introducing the new Digicel Youth Plan, an exclusive mobile offer for customers under 21 years old. Stay connected with an affordable plan made just for you. Enjoy 30GB of any-use data for more fun to do all the things you love. There’s more; when you activate 4 Youth Plans with auto-renew, you get 50% off your 5th Youth Plan!


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Youth Plans 



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30GB Any-Use Data

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30GB | $800

Rollover Data Included

Any-Use Data



  • Any-Use Data


Youth Plan

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The 7 Day Youth plan will be made available during the annual back to school period. This data rich plan will be available at a reduced price, whilst also including a reward/loyalty component for repeat purchases.

This offer will be available to students up to age 21.

Customers will be required to produce their school ID or Birth Certificate, in addition to paying the cost for the SIM.

ü Eligible new customers can purchase a new SIM with this plan by visiting a Dealer Store.


ü Eligible existing customers are required to visit, select the Youth Offer banner and sign up using the teen’s credentials. They will also be required to upload an image of the child’s school ID.


ü Existing eligible customers can be added to whitelist from the on-the-ground promotional visits.

The Youth SIM can purchased for $750 (inclusive of tax).

Newly purchased Youth SIM cards will receive the Youth Plan free of cost upon activation of the SIM card.



Main  Data


Rollover (transit)

Rollover Cap

7-Day Youth Plan



7 Days


Existing rules for DA150


Existing rules for DA150

Once added to the whitelist, users can access & activate the plan via MDA. 

Yes, the 7-Day Youth Plan will auto-renew, once the customer has sufficient credit. Customers will also be allowed to early renew their plan.

The plan will be available for activation via My Digicel App

 i.   Unused main data from the youth plan will be allowed to rollover if the customer is renewing the Youth Plan; this is the existing rule for DA150


 ii.   The data rollover is capped at 500GB, as per the existing cap for DA150


 iii.  The Rollover after plan expiration will still be capped as per the existing 24 hours grace period mechanic (up to 12GB) is only available should the customer repurchase.

Once the customer plan expires, the existing grace period rule for DA150, will still apply for rollover data. 

Plan Transit (to main plans/other plans in portfolio):


    Customers will be able to transit between Youth Plan and Prime Brawta Plans/other plans in the portfolio.


    1.  Once a customer transits from the Youth Plans to other plans in the portfolio, all unused youth plan data will rollover (DA150 as per existing rules); the loyalty accumulations will be cleared


    2. Transit from the Prime Brawta Plans/other portfolios to the Youth Plan, voice/data services from the old portfolio will remain with the longest validity (as exists)

For every 5th consecutive auto-renewal, the user will renew at 50% of the original plan cost. The tally of plan purchases will restart on plan expiration.


New Plan Name

New Price

Main  Data

Every 5th auto-renewal;

50% discount

7-Day Youth Plan






The reward is only applicable to plan auto renewals; if the plan is not auto-renewed, then the count of purchases will have to restart at the next eligible purchase. (Once a plan expires, the tally of plan purchases will restart.)

DA Priority for Plan usage:


    a.  Diaspora Bonus (DA 186) à Double Data Bonus (DA 173)à Bonus (DA 186) à Main Data Bundle (DA150) à Main Credit (if opt-in for PAYGO Data)

Customers will be able to check their data balance via the My Digicel App.

Customers should receive bundle notification messages when they are approaching the depletion of their data allowance.





Main Data









Notification for 50 MB remaining

You have 50MB of data remaining. To stay connected, go to *147# or visit to buy more data.

Notification for 25 MB remaining

You have 25MB of data remaining. To stay connected, go to *147# or visit to buy more data.

Notification for 0 MB remaining

You have 0MB of data remaining. To stay connected, go to *147# or visit to buy more data.

Customers who purchase a 28 Day Prime Bundle in stores will be eligible for a 40% discount on the Samsung A04e.


Handset prices are indicated below:

Samsung A04e Sale Price

Samsung A04e Original Price

$10,860 +GCT

$18,100.00 +GCT

Any customer between the ages of 21 to 26 years, will be eligible to sign up for the Postpaid Intro plan plus receive $1000 off their first month’s bill. The customer will also be eligible to receive 40% off a Samsung A14 or Samsung A04e if they wish to take the handset offer!

Customers who sign up for ANY postpaid subscription plan will get 40% off a Samsung A14 or Samsung A04e handset plus $1000 off their first month’s bill.  They must take the bundle deal to get the benefits!

Samsung A14 Sale Price

Samsung A14 Original Price

$18,000 +GCT

$25, 960 +GCT

To be eligible, customers are required to present a valid ID, Student ID or birth certificate.

Offers will be valid while stocks last.