SportsMax Champions League Stream To Win

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1. Customers must download or have the SportsMax app. 


2. Must stream the Champions League Semi Finals and and other sports content available in the app. 


3. The top two streamers, with the highest "time in-app" recorded at the end of the promotion period, wins. 



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It is open to all Digicel customers to get chances to win a Champions League-themed cooler packed with all the drinks and snacks they’ll need to enjoy the epic matchup while streaming the Champions League live on SportsMax.


·       Download and install the latest version of the SportsMax app on iOS or Android (IOS 3.1.2 & Android 3.1.2)

·       Stream the Champions League semi-finals and any other sports content available in the app.

·       You will also receive a download link when you activate a Prime Brawta Bundle.


The top two streamers with the longest amount of time on the app at the end of the promotion will win the cooler prize.

Watch it on the SportsMax app or SportsMax TV channels .