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Receive top up from abroad & get 7 days FREE international calling and data

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Activate Best Friends For Free and when you Top with 120 JMD or more, you’ll automatically get a 24 hour credit for double your top up’s value applied toward calls and texts with your best friend

(Example: if you Top Up with $120, you’ll be able to make $240 worth of free calls and/or texts to the designated best friend of your choice for 24 hours).

Dial *161# to activate, and you’ll be able to pick any best friend or family member on Digicel’s network. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll automatically have credit applied with any flexcard or electronic top up over $120.

Need to request Digicel credit from family or friends? If your prepaid balance is less than J$3, you can use Credit Me to request credit from friends or family anywhere in the world with just one quick text message.

Here’s how to request credit from family or friends in Jamaica:

  1. Dial *127*1876, followed by the number of the person you’d like to request credit from

  2. Press *, enter the amount of credit you’d like to request followed by the # sign and press “Send ” (e.g., to request $200 from 7654321, dial *127*18767654321*200# then hit “Send”)

  3. The receiver will get a text message from your number requesting the amount of credit you entered


To send Credit Me request to numbers outside Jamaica:

  1. Dial *127*, followed by the number of the person you’d like to request credit from, then dial *0# and press “Send” (e.g., to request credit from 17181234567, dial *127*17181234567*0# then hit “Send”)

  2. The receiver will get a text message from your number requesting the amount of credit you entered


Note: Only Digicel prepaid customers can request credit via Credit Me. An account balance of less than J$3 is required before you can request credit. You can request credit from any cell phone, anywhere in the world!


Want to send credit to family and friends? Credit U lets you easily transfer credit from your postpaid or prepaid account to a friend or family member's prepaid account, all from your Digicel phone.

You can transfer between 15 JMD to 20,000 JMD for just 5 JMD per transaction. You are able to send a maximum of 10 Credit U transactions daily.

Here’s how to share credit with friends & family with Credit U:

  1. Dial *128*1876, followed by the phone number of the person you’d like to transfer credit to.

  2. Enter the amount you want to send, followed by the “#” button, then press send.

  3. After a moment you’ll receive a confirmation message; if you info appears correctly, dial *128*1# to confirm or *128*2# to cancel your request.

  4. Once confirmed, both the credit sender and receiver will receive a confirmation message.


Need to check your account balance? Here’s how:

  1. Dial *120#

  2. Press “Send”

  3. Your current balance will appear on your phone’s screen

Note: Both Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can send credit with Credit U, but only Digicel prepaid customers can receive credit via Credit U.

Running low on your prepaid account and need an instant boost of credit before your next Top Up or Credit Me transfer? We’ve got you covered. Request a DigiLoan, and we’ll lend you up to J$1,800 in credit to buy you a little extra time.

For a loan fee of 10% of the DigiLoan amount or a minimum of $10.00 for each loan taken you can receive anywhere from J$20 to J$1,800 that you’ll have 30 days to pay back. Want to learn how to use DigiLoan? Here’s how you can get stared:

1.      To be eligible for a DigiLoan you need to be active on Digicel for at least 6 months and top-up JMD100 or more monthly.

2.      Dial *147*119# to confirm if you’re eligible for a DigiLoan (you’ll need to have no other outstanding DigiLoans).

3.      If eligible, follow the instructions that appear in the services menu.

4.      Once you’ve received your DigiLoan, use it to make calls (local or international), buy a plan, send a SMS or any way you choose.

5.      You’ll have 30 days to repay any outstanding balances for DigiLoans, if left unpaid, your outstanding DigiLoan may affect your ability to receive future DigiLoans.

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