Nuff, Nuff Data Plans FAQs

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Nuff, Nuff Data Plans FAQs

1. Which are Digicel's “nuff data” plans?                                                                                                      

Our supercharged Nuff Nuff Data plans give you more megabytes and rollover data to keep you connected for longer. 


2. How do I activate a data plan?

Activating a data plan is super easy. Use the My Digicel app, or at or dial *147# to access the Prepaid Service Menu


3. I have unused data from my data plan, will my data rollover if I purchase a Data + Talk plan or vice-versa?             
Yes, your data will rollover as long as you have purchased that plan before or within the 24-hour grace period. 


4. What happens if the megabytes in my data plan are depleted before the plan expires?

Remember, no surprises. Pay no overage charges once you are on an active plan. To use data out of bundle, you can opt-in to pay the standard rate of JMD $20/MB for up to 5 megabytes within a 24 hour period or you can buy a 50MB Data Add-On for JMD $50 to stay connected.


5. Can I opt-out of auto-renew?

Sure. Dial *147# or use the My Digicel App to view and manage your plan.


6. Who can benefit from the nuff nuff data plans?

All Digicel prepaid customers can enjoy the value and convenience of our prepaid data plans.


7. How will I be notified when my Data plan expires?                                                           

You will receive a friendly reminder letting you know that your plan is about to expire. If you do not activate a new data plan, we'll send you another reminder, just in case you forgot.


8. Can I activate an add-on if I want minutes or more data?

 Go right ahead. Choose from three (3) convenient options to keep going with more megabytes:

Bundle/Data Add-Ons
Add-On Price ($JMD)
1GB Data $150.00
1GB Data
Price ($JMD)
100MB Social $50.00
100MB Social
Price ($JMD)
50MB Data $50.00
50MB Data
Price ($JMD)
Unlimited Social** $50.00
Unlimited Social**
Price ($JMD)

•       Unlimited Social is applicable to 2-day 325MB - $180 plan only **


9. What can I do with a 1GB or 50 MB data add-on?

Anything you like! Use it to browse, stream, chat, or update your favourite apps and websites.


10. How will I know when my add-on is active?

You will receive a text notification message advising you once your Add-on is active.     


11. If my Data plan expires, can I keep using my add-on?

Unfortunately, the 50MB data or 100MB social add-ons will expire when your bundle or plan expires. If you have a 1GB data add-on however, you will be able to continue using the add-on once another Data & Talk bundle or Data only plan is activated (before the add-on has expired).


12. How long are the data and minutes add-ons valid for?                                                    

The 50MB data, 100MB social and 50 mins voice add-ons are valid for the duration of your Data + Voice Bundle. The 1GB Data add-on is valid for up to 2 days, meaning, if you activate this add-on on the last day of your bundle or plan, you will be able to continue using the add-on up to then end of its 2-day validity once another bundle or plan is activated.


13. Can I rollover unused data from my 1GB data add-on?
No, unfortunately your data will be valid for 2 days only.


14. If my bundle or plan expires before my 1GB add-on can I still use the add-on?
No, you can only use the data from your 1GB add-on if your bundle or plan is active.


15. What happens when the megabytes from my data add-ons are finished?
You'll receive a friendly text message giving you options to renew your bundle or buy more megabytes (we call them ‘add-ons’) for as low as JMD $50 for 100MB of social media data; 1GB or 50MB of ‘any use’ data.

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Nuff, Nuff Data Plans FAQs