New Postpaid SMART Plans

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New Postpaid SMART Plans

1.       What is a Postpaid Smart Plan?

  • Digicel’s Postpaid Smart Plans gives customers the opportunity to choose from six (6) Postpaid Plans that include an Anywhere Voice Bundle, a SMS Bundle, 4G Mobile Data Bundle and in some cases Free Nights and Weekends at no extra cost.
  • The Anywhere Voice Bundle include calls to local Digicel mobile and WIMAX numbers, Digicel regional numbers, LIME mobile and landline numbers, Flow landline numbers and international destinations (US, CAN and UK [Landline]) only.
  • The SMS Bundle includes text messages to Digicel local numbers, Digicel regional numbers.
  • When Anywhere Bundle Minutes have been depleted, customers are able to make calls at any time at the prevailing Digicel rates. Table 1 (question 5) illustrates the various calling rates.
  • Calls made within the Anywhere Voice Bundle will not attract Government Telephone Call Tax (TCT). After the bundle minutes are depleted, calls made thereafter will be charged Government TCT plus GCT as a line item on the bill.


  • Calls made to LIME mobiles after the Anywhere Bundle is depleted will be charged at $6.99 per minute using per second billing.
  • Calls made during Free Nights and Weekends will attract Government Telephone Call Tax (TCT) for all plans.

* Minimum Deposit required to activate a MoreSMART plan has been reduced to $3,000 from $5,500. This is on a promotional basis and is subject to change.

* Fair usage applies to the MAXSMART Plan for the services below:

  • Voice Minutes are capped at 3 hours talk time during a given day (refreshes at 12:01 AM).
  • Data is capped at 10GB for the month. After bundle is depleted the data speed throttles down to 2G instead of applying an overage charge.


  • Existing Value and Smart plans will no longer be sold as at November 15, 2013, with the exception of the Select Access plan, which will remain unchanged.
  • Within bundle calls will not attract Government Telephone Call Tax (TCT). 

2.       How do I activate a new postpaid plan?

New customers are must visit any of our select dealer stores and request to sign up for any of the six (6) New Postpaid packages. New customers are required to have:

  • Valid Government issued picture ID
  • TRN
  • Two (2) different recent utility bills (within the last 3 months)
  • Minimum deposit for desired plan


3.       What are the calling rates associated with the New Postpaid packages?

  • All out of bundles call rates remain the same with the exception of calls to LIME Mobile numbers. The rate to call a LIME mobile is $6.99 using any one of the new postpaid packages.
  • See Table below for Rate Comparisons: 

4.       Who can activate this new rate?

ALL new and existing Digicel Postpaid customers not including dual and hybrid account customers.

5.       What is required to change from an existing plan to a new Postpaid SMART package?

There are two scenarios that will allow for an immediate change to any of the new postpaid plans:

Scenario 1

The account:

  • Has a sufficient deposit
  • Has been verified
  • Is in good standing (Bill paid in full) as at date of request.

Scenario 2

If the account has an insufficient deposit, the account:

  • Must be verified
  • Must have no returned cheques for insufficient funds within the last 6 months.
  • Must be in good standing (Bill paid in full)

6.       I no longer want one of the new Smart plans; how can I remove it from my account?

  • Once any of the new Smart plans has been activated, you will not be able to revert to any of the previous plans that were offered.

7.       Does this service expire?

  • No. Activation of the New Postpaid Smart packages will not expire. Therefore, reactivation will not be required.

8.       Will I be able to activate an International and VIP plan using any of these new postpaid plans?

  • Yes. It is possible to activate International and VIP plans on any of the SMART plan packages at the prevailing charges.
  • There are revised international plans that are offered to Smart plan customers. These plans include:


9.       Will I be able to add Free Nights and Weekends to the plans that do not include this service by default?

  • Yes. The Free Nights and Weekends service can be added to those plans at the cost of $350 per month.
  • Calls made during the ‘Free Nights and Weekends’ period will attract Government Telephone Call Tax (TCT).
  • This includes plans that include the FNW by default and those that have the service as an add-on.

10.       Is there Fair Usage applied to Free Nights and Weekends?

  • Yes. A maximum of 3 hours talk time is allocated within the ‘Free Nights and Weekends’ calling period.
  • Calls made after this allotted 3 hours will result in charges at the prevailing rates.
  • Free text messages remain at 50 SMS to be used on-net within the ‘Free Nights and Weekends’ period.

11.       Will I be notified when the Free Nights and Weekends amount is exhausted?

  • No. No notification is sent when the allotted talk time has been exhausted.

12.       Will I benefit from Gimme 5 should I be on a call that exceeds the Free Nights allotment (3 hours) and begin charging from the available credit?

  • Yes. You will receive Gimme 5 if a call depletes the 3 hours allotted and begin to charge from your available credit.

13.       Will I benefit from Gimme 5 when making a call to a Digicel Play Number?

  • No. All calls to a Digicel Play number are billed at $2.89 per minute, TCT and GCT added. No Gimme 5 is awarded.

14.       Do I benefit from Gimme 5 as a postpaid customer?

  • Yes. You will qualify for Gimme 5 on your postpaid account, however only after depleting your allotted bundles for Voice and SMS.
  • Qualifying for Gimme 5, you are able to;
  1. Talk 5 minutes on Digi to Digi calls, get 25 FREE.
  2. Talk 5 minutes on International calls, get 25 FREE (Existing International destinations)
  3. Send 5 SMS to Digicel numbers, get 100 FREE.

15.       Can I continue using data services after the allotted data bundle is depleted?

  • Yes. Data services can still be used after the allotted data bundle is depleted. It will be charged at the prevailing overage rate of $10 per MB.


  • Customers using the ‘MaxSMART Plan’ will not be charged for data overage. Instead the data speed throttles down to 2G, allowing continued use at no extra cost.

16.       Can I request an additional data bundle if I am on a Smart plan?

  • No. As at February 28, 2014, data add-on bundles are no longer available to be activated.
  • As at March 1, 2014, Data Bundles on the StartSMART, GoSMART and MoreSMART plans were increased from 250MB, 500MB and 1GB respectively.
  • As at August 14, 2015, Data Bundles on the MoreSMART and PremiumSMART plans were increased from 2GB and 3GB to 4GB and 5 GB respectively.


  • Regular 4G Mobile Data plans are not able to be activated on SMART plans.

17. What are bundles minutes?

  •  Bundled minutes are pre-assigned minutes for postpaid plans. These minutes can be used to make charge-Free calls to specific destination numbers.

18. What are bundled text messages?

  • Bundled text messages are pre-assigned text messages for postpaid plans. These text messages can only be used to send charge-FREE SMS to local Digicel numbers.

19. hat credit limit is assigned to the NEW plans?

  •  The credit limit assigned is based on the DEPOSIT made by the customer.
  • The credit limit remains at the 1:2 ratio (i.e. Credit Limit = 2 x DEPOSIT)

E.g. A customer on the Smart Plan Rate Plan with a deposit of J$ 2500.00 will be assigned a credit limit of J$5000.00.

20. Is the Roll-Over Minutes feature available for Bundled Minutes?

  •  Yes. Bundled Minutes will continue to Roll-Over to the next month as per usual.

21. Is Roll-Over SMS feature available on the SMS bundles?

  •  No. The unused Digi to Digi SMS bundle do not Roll-over to the next month.

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New Postpaid SMART Plans