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Digicel/Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme

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Launch Date:                      Friday May 29, 2009

Updated:                             Friday December 12, 2014

Last Updated:                    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last Updated:                    Monday, March 13, 2017 (Loyalty Points Programme in Partnership with Magna Rewards and points reservation)

Last Updated:                    Saturday April 1, 2017 (The New Digicel/Magna Loyalty Programme)



  1. What is the New Digicel/Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme?

·         Digicel will be phasing out its current Loyalty Points Programme and is excited to announce the launch of a new and improved Loyalty Points Programme in partnership with Magna Rewards. Customers will have the opportunity to accumulate loyalty points based on their monthly Digicel Prepaid or Postpaid spend. The new Programme will give customers access to over 50 Magna Rewards retailers with the points they earn as well as being able to continue to redeem points for Digicel top up, phones and bill payments. This new Programme will take effect on April 1, 2017.

·         Digicel advises customers that in order to keep their existing Digicel loyalty points they should reserve them by midnight March 31, 2017.

·         Loyalty Points reserved on or before midnight March 31, 2017 must be used by September 30, 2017 (6 months) and will expire after this date.


    2.    Why is Digicel changing the Loyalty Points Programme?

·         The existing Loyalty Points Programme is being phased out and will be replaced with a programme in conjunction with Magna Rewards. This will offer Digicel customers a wider choice when redeeming points.


    3.    How do I reserve my old Digicel loyalty points?

·         In order to reserve your current loyalty points dial *147*131# from your handset by March 31, 2017. The following message will be received:

Thank you for reserving your Digicel Loyalty points. Your reserved Loyalty Points expire September 30, 2017. Text 29 to 137 for info.”


    4.    What can I do with my old Digicel Loyalty Points and how do I query them?

·         You may continue to redeem your Digicel  Loyalty Points for Prepaid credit, Postpaid bill credit and devices as per usual up to September 30, 2017 

·         You may continue to query your old Digicel Loyalty Points up to September 30, 2017 as follows:

o   Via text message, send the word "points" to the service number 444 2402.

o   Via short code, dial *131# and SEND.


    5.    What will happen to my old Digicel loyalty points if I do not reserve them before March 31, 2017?

·         You will lose all points if they are not reserved before March 31, 2017.


    6.    Who can benefit from the new Digicel/Magna Loyalty Programme?

·         All Digicel Postpaid and Prepaid Digicel customers will have the opportunity to benefit from the new Loyalty Programme

·         The Loyalty Programme is for all Digicel subscribers including Prepaid, Postpaid, Hybrid, and dual account holders.


    7.    How do I sign up for the new Digicel/Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme?

·         Effective April 1, 2017, customers will be required to register their Digicel phone number to a Magna Rewards account in order to begin earning points for Digicel spend on the Magna platform.

·         Digicel customers who are already part of the Magna Rewards Programme will need to confirm their information, including their Digicel phone number, in one of the following ways:

o   Online at go.magnarewards.com/Digicel

o   At the Magna office (9 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica)

o   By calling 1-800- 744-3733


    8.    Digicel customers who are not already part of the Magna Rewards Programme must sign up to the Magna Rewards Programme in one of the following ways:

o   Online at go.magnarewards.com/Digicel

o   At the Magna office (9 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica)

o   By completing an application form available at all Magna Rewards partner outlets including participating Digicel stores.


    9.    How will the new Digicel/Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme work?

Earning Points at Digicel:

·         Digicel customers who are signed up to Magna Rewards will earn points on Digicel at an assigned Loyalty Tier rate. A Digicel customer’s Loyalty Tier will be assigned on sign up to the Digicel/Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme and will be based on the customer’s recent Digicel spend.

·         Customers in the entry level (Red) tier will earn 1 point for every $100 spend. Customers in the next tier up (Bronze) will earn points at rate of 1+50% points for every $100 spend; customers in the next tier up (Silver) will earn points at rate of 1+75% points for every $100 spend and customers in the top tier (Gold) will earn points at rate of 1+100% points for every $100 spend. Loyalty Tiers will be updated every three months based on customers’ spend in the previous three month period. 

·         Customers must earn a total of 30 points with Digicel before these points will be translated to Magna points. Once Digicel points (30 or more) have been transferred to Magna the 30 points balance rule starts again.

·         For both Prepaid and Postpaid customers points will be allocated on a monthly basis, based on the previous month’s spend.

·         Customers will also earn points from other Magna partners.

·         All points reside with Magna Rewards and are redeemed using Magna Rewards Vouchers.


Prepaid Digicel Spend

·         Prepaid customers earn points for every $100 spent. This is based on spend from customers’ main account top up balance (not bonus balances). Top ups does not count as spend and does not earn loyalty points

Postpaid Digicel Spend

·         Postpaid customers earn points for every $100 billed to their account. This includes in and out of bundle charges.


    10.     How do I redeem my points?

Prepaid Customers

·         As per existing Magna rules, you are required to accumulate a minimum of 175 Magna points before a Magna cheque is issued to you. Cheques are issued every 4 months (March, July and November).

·         You can redeem points at Magna Rewards partners (see www.magnarewards.com/ja/partners) and will continue to be able to redeem points for Digicel top up as well as handset and accessory purchases.

·         1 Magna point = JMD2.


    11.    Can I use my points that I had reserved from the old Digicel Loyalty Programme at Magna Rewards partners?

·         No. Only Loyalty Points earned under the new Magna Rewards Loyalty Programme can be used at the Magna partners.

·         Loyalty Points earned and subsequently reserved under the old Digicel Loyalty Programme can continue to be used towards the purchase of Digicel handsets and also redemption of airtime (bonus credit) up until September 30, 2017.


    12.     Which Digicel dealer store my I visit to use my Magna Rewards vouchers?

·         You may redeem your Magna Rewards vouchers at the following 51 dealer stores.

Note: All 51 stores accept Magna voucher redemption for prepaid credit and phones. However only the stores highlighted below will be available for postpaid bill redemption.

Dealership Location Town Parish

Speed Talk Mobile

Hilo Port Maria P/Maria

St. Mary

3A's  Norman Manley International Airport Kingston

St. Andrew

Anbell Agencies Fairview Shopping Complex Montego Bay

St. James

Anbell Agencies 51 Knutsford Boulevard Kingston 5 Kingston
Best Choice Casa Montego Plaza Glouscher Ave

St. James

Celli-Shac 1a Manor Park Plaza Manor Park

St. Andrew

Celli-Shac Kiosk, Losushan Shopping Centre

Barbican Square

Cellular Jamaica Ltd. Shop #29 LOJ Shopping Centre

Spanish Town

St. Catherine

Comtech Limited Shop #27 Port Henderson Plaza Portmore

St. Catherine

Coronation Market

Darling Street

Down Town

Digi Order 70 Main Street 

Ocho Rios

St. Ann

Digi Order 25 Main Street 

Browns Town

St. Ann

Digicel Iconic 14 Ocean Boulevard Kingston Kingston
Total Document Solutions Shop F204, Baywest Shopping  Centre, Montego Bay St. James
Fimi Wireless Pavillion

Half Way Tree

Fimi Wireless Shop # 23, Portmore Mall Portmore

St. Catherine

Fimi Wireless Shop 4, Caledonia Road Mandeville Manchester
Fimi Wireless

Cnr Church & St. James Streets

Montego Bay 

St. James

Foundation Imports Negril Shopping Centre Negril Westmoreland
G&M Mobile

West J's Uptown Mall, 9 Barracks Road


Global Cellular 4B Half Way Tree Road

Cross Roads

Happy Konnections Shop C6-C9 Sovereign Village Portmore Pines Portmore St. Catherine
Happy Konnections UWI Bookshop

Kingston 7

St. Andrew
Incomparable Enterprise Ltd.  45 Spanish Town Road

Kingston 11

Jamcel Ltd Spanish Town Bus Terminus

Spanish Town

St. Catherine

Jamcel Ltd Shop #15, 48 King Street  Linstead

St. Catherine

Jamcel Ltd Samfo's Complex,  Spaulding Manchester
Jamcel Ltd Washington Blvd, Texaco 

Kingston 10

K Mack Shop # 7 Lawrence Plaza

White House

Kinkead Danny Royes Plaza Junction  St. Elizabeth
Luv Chat Square One Plaza, 41 Main Street

St. Ann's Bay

St. Ann
Luv Chat Shop #GF 10 Island Plaza

Ocho Rios

St. Ann
Matate Holdings Ltd. Shop #13-15 Tropical Plaza, Constant Spring Road Kingston 10 Kingston
Matate Holdings Ltd. Shop #46 Sovereign Centre

Kingston 7

Matate Holdings Ltd. Texaco Papine Square

Kingston 7

Microbeeps  36 Market Street


Mobile One 29 1/2 West Parade Kingston  Kingston
Nortons Shop 5, May Pen Plaza, 29 Main Street May Pen Clarendon
Nortons Yallahs Square Yallahs St. Thomas
Nuff Talk  Eight Rivers Plaza Ocho Rios St. Ann
Nuff Talk Ltd. 4C Darlington Drive Old Harbour St. Catherine
Quality Cellular  Shop #3 UB Plaza, Main Street, Annotto Bay St. Mary St. Mary
R.A.P. Communications Triple P Plaza, Main Street Highgate St. Mary
R.A.P. Communications 1 Harbour Street Port Antonio Portland
Speed Talk Mobile 22 Queen Street Morant Bay St. Thomas
Speed Talk Mobile Shop #1, 44 King Street  Linstead St. Catherine
Speed Talk Mobile Main Street  Christiana Manchester
Speed Talk Mobile 127 Great Georges Street Savannah-La-Mar Westmoreland
UGs Better Buy Main Street Lucea Lucea Hanover
Zee Wireless 99 Main Street  Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth
Zee Wireless Shop #1&2, Main Street Black River St. Elizabeth

13.       Will my points expire?

·         Magna Rewards cheques are valid for 12 months after issue.

For your old Digicel points, all points expire on September 30 2017. Until this date the existing rules will be maintained whereby points earned by Prepaid customers expire after twelve (12) months and points earned by Postpaid customers expire after (18) months.


14.       How do I query my Magna Rewards Loyalty Points?

·         You may query your points in a number of ways:

                                                 I.            By calling Magna at 1-800-744-FREE (3733) (Toll Free from landlines)

                                                 II.            By calling a local Magna office (9 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica)

                                                III.            Points balance will be displayed on Magna Rewards vouchers received by customers, along with a mini statement.

Note: When querying points, the customer’s total Magna Rewards points (for both Digicel spend as well as points earned via other Magna Rewards partners) will be shown together in one balance.


15.       How will new Digicel customers earn points?

·         As a new customer, you will be begin earning Loyalty Points on your spend as soon as you register/confirm your phone number to a Magna Rewards account.


16.       What if I have terminate my Digicel account?

·         If you terminate your Digicel account, you will stop earning loyalty points from your Digicel monthly spend from that date. If you retain your Magna Rewards account , you may continue to earn points with Magna Rewards partners.


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