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1. What is Handset Loyalty?

Handset Loyalty is a service implemented by Digicel to show appreciation to our customers. Customers will earn points based on usage and will be able to redeem Loyalty Points for discounts on handsets

2. How will a customer be able to earn/accumulate Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points are accumulated based on what customer’s spend on their account. The method of accumulation differs between prepaid and postpaid customers. 1. Prepaid: Points will be earned every time a prepaid customer adds a Digicel credit to their account. For every $100 added, customer gets 1 Loyalty Point. Postpaid: Points will be earned daily based on call usage and subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee that a customer pays entitles them to bundled minutes (e.g. $1,000.00 = 150 minutes). Customers will receive points based on the monthly subscription charged as calls made within the bundle are “free”. Example: monthly subscription = $1,000.00, customer will receive 10 points. For every additional JMD$100.00 that a customer uses to make calls, 1 point will be earned daily. Example: customers current usage is = $5623 (inclusive of subscription for $1000.00), customer earns 56 loyalty points 

3. How does the Handset Loyalty Programme work?

A customer will accumulate points on an ongoing basis whenever they spend money on their account. When the customer is ready to make a handset purchase, they should visit any dealer store. Customers can only redeem points once they have acquired 100 points or more. Customers with less than 100 points will not be allowed to redeem those points until they have acquired the minimum 100 points. The customer will advise the dealer on the number of points they wish to redeem for a discount on a handset purchase. Customer can opt to purchase handset without using points. If customer wishes to redeem points, the dealer will send a series of commands in text messages in order to redeem points and give the customer a discount. The sequence of commands include: Querying how many points the customer has. Redeeming the customer’s points. Confirming the redemption of the customer’s points.

4. When did customers start to accumulate Loyalty Points?

  • • Digicel customers have been accumulating Loyalty Points since June 1, 2005.
  • • Points are earned every time: Prepaid
  • • A prepaid customer adds a Digicel credit to their account.
  • • For every JMD$100 added, customer gets 1 Loyalty Point.


  • • Customer earns 1 Point daily for every JMD$100.00 that they are billed.
  • • Once monthly subscription is posted to the account, loyalty points will be earned

5. How soon after adding a Digicel credit will Loyalty points be reflected on the customer's account?

When a Digicel Credit is added, Loyalty Points will be reflected on the customer’s account before noon on the following day

6. How will a customer query points on an account?

Customers will be able to check the number of points accumulated on an account Sending a text. When Customer is querying points, they will text the text the word “Points to 444-2402. Customers will receive the following message. “You have {BAL_POINTS}redeemable loyalty. points. Points expire 18 months (postpaid) and 12 months (prepaid)” . Each text cost $1.00. Sending a USSD : Customer will from their home screen dial *131# • Customer will receive the following message• “Your loyalty points are {BAL_POINTS} • Worth JMD {BAL_AIRTIME} Postpaid points • expire after 18 mths and 12 mths for prepaid • Service costs JMD $1.00” o Cost for each query is $1.00

7. What is the ‘Aged Loyalty Points’ Expiry process?

This is a process in which ‘Aged’ Loyalty Points, that is loyalty points 12 months or 18 months and older, are removed from all Digicel GSM accounts. Prepaid customers with Loyalty Points 12 months or older and postpaid customers with Loyalty Points 18 months or older will have them expired and this will occur on a rolling basis.

8. Can customers query points on someone else’s account?

No. Regardless of the content of the customer’s query message, the customer will always get a message with only their points standing.

9. Can a dealer query anybody’s account?

Yes. Dealers are able to query points on any Digicel account

10. Will customers be charged for sending text messages to query accounts?

Customers will be charged $1.00 per text.

11. When did customers start redeeming pointsfor handsets?

Loyalty Points have been redeemable for handsets since October 1, 2005. However accumulation of points started on June 1, 2005.

12. What is the minimum number of points needed before redemption can be done?

Customers can only redeem points once they have acquired 100 points or more. Customers with less than 100 points will not be allowed to redeem those points until they have acquired at least 100 points.

13. What doesthe customer need in order to redeem their points for a handset?

A customer will be required to provide the dealer with the SIM card and Welcome Letter, or the SIM card and a government issued picture ID in order to redeem points. a. Handset Loyalty Redemption process • Customers may redeem their points by presenting: The Digicel Welcome Letter • The Digicel SIM Card OR A government issued photo ID (Passport, Drivers License, National ID) • The SIM card i. If Welcome Letter only is presented a SIM replacement must first be done before redeeming the points ii. Only 100 points can be redeemed if the SIM is presented and there is no government ID nor Welcome Letter. iii. No redemption is allowed if the SIM card is not present

14. How will a dealer redeem pointsfor a handset froma customer’s account?

To successfully redeem points on an account, the dealer must: • Send a text • Once a dealer tries to redeem points from a customer’s account, the customer will receive a text message advising him/her of this. • “Dealer Ace Wireless is trying to redeem 149 of your loyalty points. To proceed give the dealer this code: JVAEYQ. Msg 04” • The text message will also contain a code which must be given to the dealer in order to confirm the redemption of points

15. How will a dealer confirm that they wish to redeem a customer’s loyalty points for a handset?

When the customer receives the text message with the code, they must give this code to the dealer, who will confirm the transaction with another text message. The dealer must confirm the redemption within 5 minutes of the customer getting the text message 

16. How will the customer and the dealer know that the redemption of points for a handset was successful?

Both customer and dealer will receive messages as shown below: Example of the Dealer’s text message: 1. “You have successfully redeemed 50 loyalty points from customer 2. 18763678700, transaction code: 1010. Msg 06” Example of the Customer text message: 3. “Ace Wireless has redeemed 50 loyalty points from your points account. Msg 07” 

17. How soon after a dealer redeems points from a customer’s account for a handset purchase will the system update the customer’s points remaining?


18. What happens if the customer does not receive a notification text for the redemption attempt?

The system is configured in such a way that the customer must receive a notification text. In the event that they don’t, it simply means that redemption attempt will be unsuccessful as the code from the customer’s text will be needed for confirmation. The redemption process will need to be repeated

19. If the customer receives the notification message and code, will there be an assigned time in which the confirmation redemption message must be sent by the dealer?

Yes. The confirmation message must be sent within FIVE minutes. If not the redemption will be voided and the dealer will need to repeat this process.

20. Can the "redemption code" that customers receive during the redemption process be used/duplicated?

No. A unique redemption code will be generated for every transaction.

21. What happensif the dealer sends the wrong code in the confirmation text message?

The dealer will get an error message: Failed to confirm transaction. Check the client code and try again. The format is C MOBILE # CODE. Msg 05” 



22. What if a customer visits an authorized dealer without their handset?

If a customer visits the dealer without a handset, they must have with them their SIM Card.- The dealer will assist the customer by placing their SIM in a Digicel provided handset. This will allow the dealer to access the “Code” that will be sent via text to the customer during redemption. 

23. The customer’s phone was stolen and they wish to redeem their points to get a new handset. How can a dealer assist?

The Dealer must first do a SIM Replacement for the customer. Once the dealer calls Customer Care requesting the replacement, the agent must use the proper verification process to verify ownership of the account. Then the Dealer can assist by placing the customer’s new SIM in a phone to allow the customer to receive the text message with the code that is needed to complete the redemption process 

24. If a customer is switching from prepaid to postpaid service, will they be allowed to transfer their points?

Yes. When the customer visits the dealer store for the postpaid activation, they can inform the dealer of their request. The dealer in turn, can pass this request on to Customer Care whilst doing the activation.

25. If a customer is switching from postpaid to prepaid service, will they be allowed to transfer their points?

Yes. When the customer calls Customer Care requesting the termination of the postpaid account, they can indicate to the Customer Care agent that they would like to have their points transferred to the prepaid account. They will also need to provide the agent with the new prepaid number. 

26. If a postpaid customer requests a number change, will their points be transferred to the new number?

No. Loyalty points are tied to the customer’s mobile number. Agents should therefore recommend to customers that they use their loyalty points prior to the number change. 

27. Is it possible for two dealers to redeem pointsfor the same account at the same time?

No. The text messages to redeem the points will be sent, however the dealer whose text was registered second will get the following error message: . “Customer 1876xxxxxxx already has a pending redemption please wait awhile or call Customer Care. Msg 11” • The dealer who received the error will now need to send the Redemption Text Again! 

28. If redemption for a customer is being processed by a Dealer is another dealer able to redeem points for the same account?

No. The system will allow only one dealer to redeem points for a particular customer at any time. If another dealer does attempt to redeem points while a transaction is currently being processed, they will get the following error: . “Customer 1876xxxxxxx already has a pending redemption. Please wait awhile or call Customer Care. Msg 10” 

29. How will points be determined for handset?

All points assigned to handsets are determined by the Digicel. Points will vary for each handset. Dealer display will show the price and points required to purchase any handset 

30. Will it be a one to one ratio when points are being redeemed to purchase a phone? For example, 49 points being equivalent to $49?

No. The conversion rate will not be 1:1 , The conversion rate is 1:3 (ie. 1 point to $3) 

31. How will points be allocated for corporate accounts?

A corporate account usage is based on the individual users; points will be allotted to the individual users and not to the corporate account itself

32. Will customers be given a discount card (similar to MAGNA) that can be used to redeem points whenever purchasing a handset?

No. At the moment there are no plans to issue any membership/redemption cards.

33. If my loyalty points do not equate to the purchase price of a phone, can I purchase the remaining points from a dealer?

Yes. To purchase the balance of points from a dealer is $3 for 1 point

34. Will customers be able to trade accumulated points for physical cash?

No. Customers will not be able to redeem points for physical cash. Loyalty points will be stored on the network and can never be traded for cash. 

35. Will customers be able to give/donate/transfer their loyalty pointsto another customer/account?

No. Loyalty points cannot be transferred from one account to the next. It is therefore advisable for customers to perform SIM replacements if they lose or damage their SIM.

36. Will customers be able to redeem pointsfor handset purchase for themselves from their own account?

Yes. All Dealers will have authorized SIMs which will allow them to query and redeem points for any Digicel customer.

37. Will a customer be able to visit any dealer and be able to redeem their points?

Yes. All Dealers will have authorized SIMs which will allow them to query and redeem points for any Digicel customer.

38. Will a customer be able to use points to purchases handsets accessories?

No. Customers will only be able to use accumulated points for handset purchases and Digicel credit.

39. Will customers be restricted on the number of redemptions that can be done for handsets?

No. There will be no limit on the redemptions for handsets that can be done on a customer’s account.

40. Will there be a limit on the amount of pointsthat one customer can accumulate?

No. A customer can accumulate as much points as they want.

41. Are dealer representatives and Digicel Staff eligible for loyalty points?

Yes. Once you are a Digicel customer, you are eligible for Loyalty Points. Being a staff member of a Dealer Store or Digicel does not disqualify you from accumulating or redeeming loyalty points. 

42. When a customer buys a handset or a SIM Card, do these purchases allow thecustomer to earn points?

No. A customer only earns points based on usage on a Digicel account (ie. Adding prepaid value or making calls on a postpaid account)

43. Will a postpaid customer be able to redeem points for handset purchases if their account is barred from making/receiving calls?

No. If a customer’s account is disconnected due to non-payment of bill they will not be allowed to redeem Loyalty points for discount on handset purchases. Postpaid customers, who are unable to make and/or receive calls due to non-payment of bills, will not be allowed to redeem points. 

44. Will a prepaid customer be able to redeem pointsfor handset purchase if their account is not in an active state?

No. Only Prepaid customers in an ACTIVE state will be allowed to redeem points for discount on handset purchases. Customer’s whose accounts are de-active are required to top up in order to redeem points.

The following is an example of how the customer will be able to use his/her Loyalty Points to redeem for a handset purchase or a discount on a handset purchase.

Eg. Using Loyalty Points to Buy a Handset.h. Customer wants to purchase a Nokia 1108 handset. i. N1108 costs $3450 + 16.5%tax ($569.25) or 1175 points j. Customer has 700 loyalty points. k. Customer will need 475 additional points to purchase the phone i. (1175 – 700 = 475 points) Customer needs to purchase additional points from Dealer at $3 per point. m. ($3 = 1 point purchased) n. Customer will need to pay $1425 (475 pts x $3 = JMD$1425) o. With 700 loyalty points, ustomer will get Nokia 1108 for JMD1425 + tax i. ($569.25). 

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