Grand Prix Promotion FAQs

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What is the Grand Prix promotion?

From Feb 17th to March 10th, 2018 (“Promotion Period”) Digicel will provide prepaid customers with a FREE 100MB Social Media Add-on with every purchase of any of the following Nuff Nuff Data plans:

  • 200MB – 2 day Data Plan
  • 500MB – 7 day Data Plan
  • 1GB – 14 day Data Plan

Who can participate in this Grand Prix promotion?

The promotion is available to all Digicel prepaid customers.

How can customers access this offer?

It’s very easy, customers must simply purchase a Nuff Nuff Data Plan via the My Digicel App, Once activation is successful, the 100MB Social Add-on is applied automatically. The 300MB 2 day data plan is not eligible for this Grand Prix promotion.

What Social Media applications can I use?

With the 100MB Social Add-on, you can enjoy; Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Can I make voice or video calls with this Add-on?

Yes, you can definitely make voice or video calls with this Add-on, however, this will be charged from your data plan allotment.

When is the Grand Prix promotion available?

Customers are able to access this promotion daily from February 17 –  March 10, 2018.

How often can customers activate a Nuff Nuff Data Plan to get the free 100MB Social Add-on?

Customers are able to purchase as many data plans as they want. The 100MB Social Add-on is valid for the duration of their data plan.

How do I know when my Add-on is active?

You will receive a text notification stating the following:

“Congrats! Your free 100MB Social Add-on is active and expires when your Nuff Nuff data plan does. Get your balance at Promotion ends March10”

What is the validity of the 100MB Social Add-on?

This add-on is valid for the duration of the Nuff Nuff data plan.

Can I get this Free Add-on with the 300MB 2 day plan?

No, Unfortunately, this data plan is not applicable for this promotion.

If a customer has credit on their account but it has expired, will s/he still be able to activate the Data plan?

Yes, customers can still purchase a Nuff Nuff data plan. Unfortunately, an inactive customer is required to top up their account before they can use the data from that plan. Customers can dial *124# to check their air time.

If a customer has no credit on the prepaid account but still has airtime and an active Nuff Nuff Data plan, will s/he still be able to use the data from this plan?

Yes, if the prepaid account is active then the customer can use the data from the plan.

If the social add-on from the Data Plan is depleted, is the customer still able to continue using social media?

Sure, even if the social add-on is depleted, the customer will be able to continue using social media services. However, the data used will be deducted from the data plan allotment. If the data plan allotment is also fully depleted, the customer will have the option to continue their data session via a new data plan or by opting in to use PAYGo services.

How does the customer opt in to use the PAYGo service?

When the customer’s data allotment is 100% depleted, s/he will receive a pop-up with the following options:

  • 1- To purchase a new plan or bundle
  • 2- Use data at $20 per MB

Press 2 to opt-in to use PAYGo services. If you choose to opt-in, you will be able to enjoy browsing up to 5MBs after which you will be blocked until another PAYGo notification is triggered (this usually happens every four hours between 8:00AM and 8:00PM).

If the customer’s data plan expires before the 100MB social add-on is depleted, will s/he be able to rollover the Social MBs to a new plan?

Yes. Customers can activate another data plan to continue enjoying the unused data from the Social Add-on in addition to the new bonus add-on.

Will the customer receive a notification after activating a data plan?

Yes. Customers will receive two text messages advising that the data plan was successfully purchased. The second message will inform the customer of the FREE Social Add-on also activated.

How can a customer check their Social Add-on balance?

Customers may check their Social Add-on balance by visiting then navigating to the Account & Balances screen.

How will a customer know when the Social Add-on has expired?

The 100MB Social Add-on will always expire at the same time as the data plan. Fortunately, customers can rollover any unused MBs from their current add-on by purchasing a new plan. If the promotion has expired customers may purchase a new Social Add-on.

How can customers download the My Digicel App to benefit from the Grand Prix promotion?

Customers can download My Digicel app by using the following steps:

Android users

  • To download the app, go to Google Play Store and search for My Digicel, click here or

iPhone users

  • To download the app, go to App Store and search for My Digicel, click here or



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Grand Prix Promotion FAQs