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1. What is Facebook Flex?

Facebook Flex will allow Digicel GSM Postpaid and Prepaid data customers access to a text only version of Facebook for FREE

2. What is Free Basics?

Free Basics is an App that will host a number of URL’s which customers will be able to access without additional charges to their account.

3. What are the key features of the Facebook Flex?

  • Customers will be able to update their Facebook status, like pictures and comment on their friends’ posts, all for Free.
  • Facebook Flex provides a text only version of Facebook content via either the mobile Facebook App or by accessing the link  http://m.facebook.com or Facebook.com.
  • Customers with no available credit or an active data plan on their account will have access to Facebook from their data capable devices.
  • Note: Only Android devices will have access to FREE Facebook content via the mobile app. iOS and BlackBerry devices may utilize their web browsers to access the Facebook mobile website (http://m.facebook.com).
  • Users will be prompted to buy a data plan or use data if they wish to view premium content, which includes photos or videos.
  • The below prepaid data plans will be accessible via the Facebook page once the above option is selected: 3 Day JMD250 250MB Plan OR 7 Day JMD350 500MB

4. How do I access Facebook Flex from my device?

  • You are able to access Facebook Flex from either the mobile app or via the link http://m.facebook.com
  • In order to view the premium aspect of the app (Videos, Photos, etc.) you are required to select ‘View Photos’ located on the top right of the screen.
  •  If there is no active data plan on your account you will be prompted to ‘use data’. Prepaid customers will be given the option to either activate a 4G data plan or continue viewing/ browsing at our PAYGO rate once they have available credit.
  • Note:  Once data bundles are exhausted an overage charge of $20 per/MB will apply and if there is no data plan on the account browsing will be at the PAGO rate of $20/MB

5. Upon accessing Facebook Flex, will I be prompted to download the Free Basics App?

  • Yes, a banner will be displayed at the top of the page asking that you install Free Basics.

6. How can I down load Free Basics?

  • Free Basics may be downloaded by accessing the link http://0.Freebasics.com or through the Facebook App, as a banner is displayed prompting you to download the app.

7. If I choose not to install the Free Basics App will this affect my experience with Facebook Flex?

  • No. This will not affect your experience with Facebook Flex as it is not mandatory to install the Free Basics App, however if you would like to use the zero rated apps you can access these through the link  0.freebasics.com.

 8. What zero rated apps are available via the Free Basics app and URL?

  • The zero rated apps that are included under free services in Free basics App/ 0.freebasics.com are:
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook – Free Data
  • Wikipedia
  • Free Books by Worldreader
  • ALL IN- By and for Adolescents
  • Connect Smart
  • BBC News
  • Education Game Portal
  • Mathematics by TeachMe.com
  • Facts for Life
  • Tambero.com

9. Will I need credit on my account to access Facebook?

  • No. With Facebook Flex access to Facebook text only content is free.
  • If you wish to see pictures and videos you are required to use the premium aspect of the app once there is sufficient credit on the account and/ or an active data plan.

10. What if I don’t have an active data plan on my account and would like to view pictures and/ or videos on the Facebook Flex premium?

  • You will be given the option to activate one of two 4G data plans; the 3 Day 250MB plan for JMD200 or the 7 Day 500MB plan for JMD350.
  • You will also have access to premium content if you choose not to activate a plan and browse at the PAYGO rate of $20/MB

11. Will I be able to access Facebook Messenger as part of the Facebook Flex free experience?

  • Yes. You will be able to send IM’s and photos under the free aspect of the Facebook Messenger, however all other features will require you to activate a data plan or accept charges at our PAYGO rate.

12. How do I connect to the full version of Facebook?

  • To connect to the full version of Facebook, you will simply select ‘View Photos’ on the top left of the screen, then follow the instructions on data use. 

13. Will Facebook Flex allow me to view pictures?

  • Yes. Once there is an active data plan and/or credit on the account you will be able to view pictures and videos by selecting view photos/videos.

14. Are Postpaid customers able to access Facebook Flex?

  • Yes, postpaid customers will be able to access Facebook Flex.

15. What are the types of external links that users may select from m.facebook.com/ Facebook Flex?

  • An external link is any link that will take you outside of Facebook Flex, once this is done data charges will apply as you are no longer within the Facebook mobile app or URL.

16. What devices are compatible with Facebook Flex?

  • All data compatible devices are able to access the link  http://m.facebook.com to view free text only content.
  • At this time you are not able to access Facebook Flex via mobile app on BlackBerry, and iOS devices as this is not supported.

 17. Do I need a data capable phone to access Facebook Flex?

  • Yes. Only handsets that are able to connect to the internet will benefit from the service.

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Facebook Flex/Free Basics