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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Quick Pick Bundles FAQ



1. Why is my plan no longer available?                                                                                                                                 

• You spoke. We listened. We've replaced older plans with a fresh set of simplified data plans and Quick Pick bundles that give you Unlimited Rollover, Unlimited WhatsApp messaging, and no data overage charges. Plus free d'Music subscription and a free social media add-on on your very first purchase.  With 4-week plans starting as low as $150, this is definitely more value for money.


2. My plan will no longer auto-renew, what plan should I purchase?                                                      

• Now you have the option to choose from a better range of data plans and Quick Pick bundles that last 4 weeks and come in Small, Medium, Large & X-Large. So now it's up to you to decide how much data and minutes you need for the next 4 weeks, then choose the bundle that's right for you. If you feel you'll need more while on an active 4 weeks plan, simply purchase an Add-On and get more data and talk, starting as low as $150. Activate a plan via the My Digicel App, our website or by dialing *147#.       


3. Is my plan the only one removed?

• No. We've simplified the entire range of plans and sized them in ways that are more convenient to you. So now you can choose a Small, Medium, Large or X-Large Quick Pick bundle.


4. How much time do I have before my plan is no longer available?

• Once your plan was purchased before these new ones took effect, it will run normally to expiry. With the exception of the 2-Day plan, other plans will no longer be available for renewal.                                                                                                                                                                     

5. Will I receive another notice that my plan will be removed?

• Yes, you will receive another reminder 24 hours before the plan expires and on the day it ends.


6. What are Quick Pick bundles?                                                                                                                                             

• Quick Pick bundles are simply the coolest mix of data and talk that last 4 weeks and give you Unlimited Digicel talk and text and free WhatsApp chat. Plus, free Unlimited Rollover of your unused minutes and data, and free d'Music subscription with some plans. Quick Pick bundles come in convenient sizes - Small, Medium, Large or X-Large with up to 4GB of data, so you can choose the size that fits your lifestyle and budget.                      


7. How many Quick Bundles are available?

There are 4 to choose from in convenient Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes:

Quick Pick Prepaid Bundles


(4 weeks)

Data Bundle

Voice Calls (Minutes)

Unlimited Text Messaging

Unlimited Whatsapp Messaging

Add-on Compatibility

d’Music Included

($ JMD)

Small 150 MB Quick Pick Bundle

150 MB







Medium 800 MB Quick Pick Bundle

800 MB







Large 3GB Quick Pick Bundle

3 GB





Top Chart subscription included


Extra Large 4GB Quick Pick Bundle

4 GB

Unlimited Digicel Calls




Premium subscription included



8. Will Quick Pick Bundles be the only plans available?                                                                                               

• No, you can still get the Quickie. To view all available plans, please go to the My Digicel App or visit or by dialing *147# to access the prepaid UMM menu.                                                                                                                   

9. Where do I activate prepaid plans?

• You can continue to activate any available prepaid plan or bundle on the My Digicel App, our website  or by dialing *147# to access the prepaid service menu.


10. Why should I buy a Quick Pick bundle?                                                                                                                         

• Because you get way more value that lasts longer than previous plans: Unlimited Digicel minutes for the talkers, Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp chat for the texters (Large & X-Large plans) only, and the right amount of data for customers who like to browse. Best of all, Unlimited Rollover of your unused minutes and data. And, you never pay data overage charges while on a Quick Pick plan, that means no more surprise data charges.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

11. Can I activate a Quick Pick bundle now?

• Yes, you can activate any Quick Pick Bundle via the My Digicel App, or at or by dialing *147# to access the prepaid service menu.


12. Will my available minutes/data/sms on my current plan rollover to Quick Picks?

• Sure. You get to keep your unused minutes and data when you activate another Quick Pick Bundle within 48 hours of expiry of the current plan.


13. Are there any Add-Ons to the Quick Pick Bundles and Quickie plans?
• Definitely. You can choose from three add-ons. Get Unlimited Social Media for $150, or choose between 250 Anywhere minutes or 1Gb of data for $750.

14. Will I incur charges once my data balances have been depleted and my plan is still active?                                                                  

• Remember, no surprises. Pay no overage charges once you are on an active Quick Pick Bundle or 2-Day data plan. Standard overage rate of JMD $50/MB will only apply if you are not on one these bundles or if you do not have an active plan.                                                                                                                        

15. What are the incentives for activating these plans?

• During October you'll get a free 1- day Unlimited Social add-on with the first activation of any new Quick Pick bundle. Plus, you'll always get Unlimited Rollover of data and talk, Unlimited texts and free d'Music subscription on the Large and X-Large-sized plans.

16. How I activate the free 1 day Unlimited Social add-on?

•       The Free 1 Day Unlimited Social Add-On will is a promotional offer and will only be accessible free of cost for your first activation.

•       To activate your free 1 day Unlimited Social add-on, simply visit the My Digicel App, then go to ‘My Plans’ and select the ‘Add-ons’ tab. It will be listed as ‘Free 1 day Unlimited Social Add-on’, it’s that easy!                                                                    

17. What happens when the data in my 4 week bundle is depleted?

• You'll receive a friendly text message giving you options to renew your Quick Pick Bundle or buy extra data (an add-on) for as low as JMD 750 for 1GB, or remain without an active plan and pay no overage charges - but you won't be able to use data in this case.                      

18. What happens when the minutes in my 4 week bundle is depleted?

•       You'll receive a text message showing you options for getting a new Quick Pick bundle or to pay for calls at JMD 6.50 per minute without an active plan. No data overage will be charged.

19. How many times per month can these bundles be activated?

• As many times as you wish. As long as you have enough credit, you can choose a new Quick Pick Bundle, even while you have an existing plan or bundle.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

20. Is there any change to the cost and data allotment of the current 2-Day plan?                           

• Yes. As of November 1, 2017, the 2-day 300Mb plan will now cost $175 per activation.

21. Can I activate another Quick Pick bundle if I already have one active?

• Sure. When you activate a Quick Pick Bundle while another is already active, you'll receive all the benefits of the new bundle still be able to use both until each bundle expires on their own end dates.                                                                                                                                                                    

22. Who can benefit from the new Quick Pick bundles?

•       All Digicel prepaid customers can enjoy the value and convenience of our new Quick Pick bundles.

23. If I am on a call while using my Quick Pick bundle, and my minutes run out, what happens to my call?

• No worries, if you're on a Digicel to Digicel call you can keep talking. Your call will not disconnect. However, you will be charged for the remaining portion of the call at standard rates of $6.50 per minute.                                                                                                                                                   

24. At what intervals will messages and rollover alerts be sent?

• Day 1 - You will receive a welcome message when your Quick Pick bundle is active.                                                                                                       

• Day 26 - You will receive a plan expiry alert 8 hours before your Quick Pick ends.                                                                                                            

• Day 27 - We will send a Rollover reminder (24 hours before unused benefits expire).                                                                                                   

• Day 28 – You will receive an alert letting you know your Rollover has expired.                                                                                                 

25. What happens if I choose not to activate a Quick Pick Bundle?

•       Standard call charge of JMD $6.50 per minute will apply for calls to any local network, USA, Canada, China, India and landlines in the UK and Spain. Data will be charged at JMD $50 per megabyte.

26. What happens if the data on the 2-Day plan is depleted before the plan expires?

• Remember, no surprises. You will not pay overage charges. Instead, you can purchase a new Quick Pick bundle to get connected once again.          

27. If I am currently on a 2-Day plan and purchase a Quick Pick Bundle, will overage charges be applied?

• No. The data rate of $50 per megabyte will only apply after your Quick Pick Bundle or 2-day plan has expired. For example, if you run out of data on Day 15 of your Quick Pick Bundle, your connection to the internet will stop until you purchase an Add-On or a new Quick Pick Bundle. However, after 4 weeks, if you have not selected a new bundle but wish to connect to the internet, you will pay the standard data overage rate of $50 per megabyte.                                    

28. If I am currently on a Quick Pick Bundle and purchase a 2-Day plan, will overage charges be applied?

•       No. Overage charges will not be applied once your Quick Pick Bundle is active.

29. Where can I call or text with my Digicel minutes and SMS?

·         Our Unlimited talk and text offer is for Digicel to Digicel numbers.

30. If I am on a call during the duration of the Quick Pick Bundle, and my Quick Pick Bundle expires, what happens to my call?

If you are on a digi to digi call and your Quick Pick bundle expires, your call will not drop. However, you will be charged for the remaining portion of the call at regular rates.

31. Where are my data and minutes displayed?

·         You can check your data and minutes balance via the My Digicel App or by using service menu *147# and select the option to “manage plans” (menu is subject to changes) to view the balance check menu.

32. Do my data and minutes from the expired Quick Pick Bundle rollover onto my active Quick Pick bundle?

·         Yes, the unused data and minutes from the current Quick Pick Bundle will rollover to your new bundle.  

33. How will I be notified when my Quick Pick Bundle ends?                                                                                      Before your Quick Pick Bundle expires, you will receive a reminder letting you know that your bundle is about to expire. If you do not activate a new Quick Pick Bundle, we'll send you another reminder, just in case you forgot.

34. Does the Quick Pick Bundle automatically renew?

·         Yes, the Quick Pick Bundle will auto-renew as long as there is sufficient credit on your account. If you do not have sufficient credit the plan will not auto-renew.

35. Can I opt-out of auto-renewal?

·         Yes, you can opt-out of auto-renewal by using the service menu *147#, press 2 to view the Quick Pick menu and press 6 to manage plans. You can also visit the My Digicel App to view and manage your plan where you can choose to opt-out of auto-renewal.

36. Am I able to use my Quick Pick Bundle after it expires?

·         No, after your Quick Pick Bundle expires, you lose all the benefits. That's why it's important to renew within 48 hours and get Unlimited Rollover of your unused data and minutes.  

37. How do I check the balance of minutes and data on my Quick Pick Bundle?

  • We have two ways:

o   Service Menu: *147# - press 2 to enter the ‘Quick Picks’ menu, then dial 6 to enter the ‘Manage my Plan’ menu and finally press 1 to see your available minutes and/or data balances.

    •  My Digicel App – click on the app and go to ‘Accounts and Balances’.


38. Can I activate an Add-on if I want more minutes or data?

  • Yes, there are three Add-ons available for persons who want more data or minutes in their bundle:

Quick Pick Bundle Add-ons


Data Bundle

Voice Calls (Minutes)

Unlimited Text Messaging

Unlimited Whatsapp Messaging

Add-on Compatibility

d’Music Included

Fees ($ JMD)

24 Hour Unlimited Social







$ 150.00

1 GB Data Add-on

1 GB







250 Anywhere Minutes Add-on









39. How do I activate a minutes/data Add-On?

  • You can activate a minutes or data Add-On via My Digicel App or the Service Menu - *147#.

40. How will I be notified when my Quick Pick Bundle Add-Ons are active?                                                                                                       

  • We'll send a confirmation message to let you know that you're free to use your Quick Pick Bundle. The Add-On message will look like this:
  • “Welcome to the 24hr Unlimited Social Add-on!
  • It expires on XX/XX to continue enjoying your favorite social media – thanks for choosing Digicel!”

41. If my Quick Pick Bundle expires, can I keep using my Add-on?

  • Unfortunately, no, once your Quick Pick Bundle expires you will no longer be able to use your Add-on.

42. If I activate two 24 Hour Unlimited Social Add-ons at the same time will they be valid for 48 hours?

  • Good question! Actually if you activate two 24 Hour Unlimited Social Add-ons at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the first Add-on activated and the validity will extend to the expiry of the second Add-on activated.                                                                           
  • E.g. If you activate one 24 Hour Unlimited Social Add-on at 9:00 AM Wednesday, and one more 24 Hour Unlimited Social Add-on at 10:00 AM the same day, you will be able to enjoy the first hour of your first add-on and then your second add-on activated will take precedent.                                                                       

43. How long are the data and minutes Add-Ons valid for?                                                                                         

  • All Add-Ons with the exception of the 24HR Unlimited Social Media Add-on are valid for the duration of your Quick Pick Bundle.

44. What d’Music experience will I have with Quick Pick Bundles?                                                                                                          

  • If you purchase a Large Quick Pick Bundle with 4GB for JMD $2,500.00, you can enjoy a complimentary d’Music Top Chart experience:                 
    • Top Chart Experience
    • Ability to save 240 songs in 6 playlist per week PLUS access to the complete catalogue of over 30 million tracks
    • Change every single playlist after 7 days
    • Top 5 Music Videos in streaming
    • Access to the d'Music News feed                                             
  • If you purchase a  X-Large Quick Pick Bundle with 4GB for JMD $4,000.00, you can enjoy a complimentary d’Music Premium experience:
    • Premium Experience
    • Top chart experience PLUS access to Unlimited Playlists
    • Ability to create playlists
    • Access the service on; you can use the same account simultaneously on mobile app and on web.

45. d’Music comes free with my Quick Pick Bundle – but what about the data from using it? Do I have to pay extra for that?                             

  • Have no fear, your free d’Music subscription will only use data from your Quick Pick Bundle to stream music. To manage your data usage, keep track of your balance via service menu *147# or visit                                                                                                                                  

46. How long can I use my free d’Music subscription?

  • Your d’Music subscription will continue to work for as long as your Quick Pick Bundle is active. Once your Quick Pick Bundle expires, you will no longer have access to d’Music for free.

47. My Quick Pick Bundle expired and I no longer have access to d’Music. How do I keep using d’Music?

·         You can renew your subscription by activating either the Large 3GB Quick Pick Bundle to enjoy the d'Music Top Chart experience or the X-Large 4GB Quick Pick Bundle to enjoy the d'Music Premium experience.




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