Repairs and SIM information

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1. My handset is in need of repair – how do I go about getting it fixed?

Phones should be taken to the nearest dealer store with the receipt. The dealer store will process the phone for repair and issue a loaner phone to the customer.

2. My phone is out of warranty but needs to be repaired. What can I do?

The phone can be taken to the repairs centre but the customer will be required to pay the cost for repairs.

3. My handset is being repaired but I did not get a loaner handset?

The customer will be issued with a loaner phone based on availability.

4. Why has it taken ten days to repair my handset?

The normal repair time for a customer’s defective handset is minimum 10 working days from the time of delivery of the phone to the Dealer store.  



SIM (SIM Access Codes)

5. How do I get a SIM replacement?

Please visit your nearest dealer store to request a SIM replacement. You will be required to provide your PUK 1 along with the ID that is registered to the account. The cost of J$500, plus GCT for new SIM will apply.

6. My PUK 1 was provided in my welcome letter, but I cannot seem to find it. How can I verify my PUK 1?

Please contact Customer Care by dialling 100 from your phone or at your nearest dealer store. You will be required to verify your account via your registration information or date of your purchase. 

7. My phone does not seem to reading my SIM. How can I have this corrected?

Your SIM could have been damaged. Please visit your nearest dealer store with your device, or contact Customer Care at 100 from your mobile phone. 

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Repairs and SIM information