1,000 ‘Likes’ for a New Smartphone

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1,000 'Likes' For a New Smartphone


High schooler wins new phone after viral video posted online

Kingston, Jamaica – Wednesday, May 24, 2017: One thousand likes was all it took for fifteen-year old Jonathan Robinson to win himself a brand new smartphone and some unexpected goodies from Digicel.  After a video of Robinson requesting a new phone from Digicel was posted to Instagram recently, Digicel pledged to fulfill his request if his video could get 1,000 likes. 

Support for Robinson’s post quickly poured in, with the video receiving over 12,000 views and close to 2,000 likes the very same day.  The articulate Ardenne High School ninth-grader also had fans rooting for him, as persons went on to share the video on Facebook as well and encouraged their friends to like the post. On Instagram, persons also left encouraging comments like @mel_katrina, who said, “I don’t know him but let’s get him this phone!” and @dandylizz, who said, “You deserve it son.  I hope something comes through for you.”

“I was hoping but I never really expected that I would have actually gotten the phone,” said Robinson, after being surprised at school by the Digicel team.  “But when I saw the post on Instagram and how quickly the likes were coming in, I realised that it would actually happen, so I’m really happy for all the support from everyone.”

The aspiring pathologist, who currently relies on his father’s laptop to do research and assignments, also shared that the smartphone would be a huge help during the times when his father was busy with the laptop. 

“Of course, I’ll use the phone to keep in touch with family and friends, but it will really help me out when I don’t have access to a computer to do research or complete my assignments.  It’s really great too that it’s one of the phones I was considering to get and I’m thankful for that.”

A model student who sits on the Principal’s list with a 91% average, Robinson also participates in a number of extra-curricular activities, including Basketball, Music Club and Mathematics Club.

“Jonathan is such a promising young man that when we saw his video, there was no hesitation.  We just knew we wanted to help,” said Elon Parkinson, Head of Public Relations at Digicel.  “The fact that he chose this route to make his request was also quite unique and we wanted to share his story with our social media family and get them involved as well.  We’re very happy for Jonathan and we wish him all the best in his endeavours.”

In addition to a brand new Samsung J3 smartphone, Robinson was also outfitted with a cool d’Music knapsack, credit to activate a data plan and a free 3-month Gold subscription to Learning Hub Online. 


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1,000 ‘Likes’ for a New Smartphone