Eira Schader Home for the Aged joins ‘Grow What You Eat’ Movementc

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Eira Schader Home for the Aged joins ‘Grow What You Eat’ Movement

-Digicel Foundation Helps Plant Backyard Garden

Kingston, Jamaica – Monday, January 30, 2017: Freshly picked fruits and vegetables from a backyard garden at the Eira Schader Home for the Aged will soon be on the menu for residents at the Trench Town based institution in Kingston.

This, after the Digicel Foundation donated of a wide variety of fruit and vegetable plants to the Home recently. Within a few weeks, residents will be able to sample cantaloupe, cauliflower, pumpkin, cabbage and tomatoes from a garden that sits at the back of the premises. 

“The Digicel Foundation is very happy to be able to partner with the Eira Schader Home in this way,” said Patrice Smith-Sterling, Social Enterprise and Special Projects Manager at the Digicel Foundation. She added, “This institution has been servicing the Trench Town community for a number of years and now they need some help.  So we’ll also be pitching in with some of the infrastructural upgrades for the facility.”

She then shared, “We’ve also chosen to work with them to create a vegetable garden and we’ve gone even further to connect them with representatives from RADA to ensure the activity can be sustained. This gives the residents an opportunity enjoy a farm-to-table experience while spending quality time outdoors. We expect that this will lift the spirit of each resident and help to maintain a sense of shared purpose among the team.”

Delighted by the donation, Lloyd Ferguson, manager for the Eira Schader Home said, “The Digicel Foundation has given us a really good gift with these plants for the garden and it will go a long way in helping the health of the residents.  With fresh vegetables and fruits growing in the backyard, they can eat better and we won’t have to be spending a lot of money of food if we have it growing right here.”

The Eira Schader Home will also benefit from VIP ticket sales to the Redemption Live concert being held in honour of Bob Marley on Sunday, February 5. Hosted by Digicel and Red Stripe, tickets are being pre-sold for $4000 at select Digicel stores in Kingston, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester and St. Ann as well as at the gate for $5000. The free concert will be held at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre in Kingston.


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Eira Schader Home for the Aged joins ‘Grow What You Eat’ Movementc