High schools show support for Special Needs

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Support for the Digicel 5K Imagine Run 2015 continues to increase since its launch over a month ago, with over 200 high school students signed up to participate in the annual event on Saturday, October 10.  This includes students from Campion College, Camperdown High School, Mavis Bank High, AISK and St. George’s College.

To facilitate the growing number of participants, the deadline for the run has also been extended to Tuesday, October 6.

To drive further awareness of the special needs community, Digicel extended a special invitation to schools within the corporate area during their morning assemblies, while educating the students about the cause. Now in its 4th staging, the annual event has maintained its mandate of using the funds raised to develop special needs institutions in Jamaica. 

Colleen Yee Sing-Mitchell, Guidance Counsellor at the St. George’s College shared, “At St. George’s College, we do a number of charities as we believe it is important for our students to give back to the community. Special Needs is not necessarily one of the areas to which the gentlemen of the school have been exposed so we think the Digicel 5K run is an ideal opportunity for them to learn about Jamaica’s special needs community and play a part in supporting them.”

Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation, Samantha Chantrelle said, "Our aim at Digicel Foundation is to not only improve the lives of our special needs friends but to also educate more persons about special needs so that they can be better integrated into our society. With increased awareness, we will eventually see Jamaicans making more effort to help these persons whether it is through a simple act of helping a blind person to cross the road or to volunteer their time at one of the 12 beneficiary institutions of the run.”

Interested persons may sign up for the run online at www.runningeventsja.com for $1200 or make a contribution to the cause through the Digicel Foundation. In addition to the traditional run, walk and wheelchair options, persons will also be able to sign up for the ‘Fun’ route, which is an obstacle course filled with challenges including include pillow fights, neon light, paint and other interesting diversions.

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High schools show support for Special Needs