Digicel’s ‘Fun’ Route a Big Hit with 5K’ers

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Adding a new twist to the traditional 5K run/walk event, Digicel’s Imagine 5K event introduced a new ‘fun’ route for participants who wanted to support the cause without taking on the rigorous physical challenge of the usual run and walk routes.

Of the more than 10,600 registered participants in the race, over 2000 entered the new ‘fun’ route, which was an obstacle course filled with fun zones including a maze, tires, hurdles, a pendulum ‘pillow fight’ zone, paint and a giant slip and slide. The ‘fun’ route, which kicked off at 7:30, even saw participants who finished the walk and run races early clamouring to join in on the excitement.

Suzan Henry Thompson, who did the race with her seven-year-old daughter, Evan Thompson, was amazed by the experience, saying, “The fun race was very exciting. I’ve done a lot of the road races in the past but this time I was entering with my daughter so I decided to run the fun route.  It was nice and really a lot of fun and the two of us enjoyed the race from start to finish!”  Both Suzan and her daughter have intellectual disabilities and participated in the race to support the cause.

“Normally, 5K races are either just walking or running,” shared Jereen McDonald, a secretary at the University of the West Indies Hospital. “So when I heard that Digicel was having a fun route I thought that this was something new that I would definitely want to try and trust me, it was amazing! Even though I had a print out of the route with the different fun zones, it was way more exciting than I anticipated—especially the slip and slide with the paint. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Kamal Powell, Senior Sponsorship and Development Manager at Digicel, said, “The 5K culture in Jamaica has really skyrocketed into something big and so you have a lot of fitness enthusiasts who compete to win. We wanted everyone who supports the cause to be included and participate in any way they can, whether it’s to run, walk, push a wheelchair or just have fun.”

Powell added, “At Digicel, we’re always looking for new ways to create incredible experience for our customers. Based on the feedback we’ve gotten from the participants, we know we were able to make this event really worth it for these extraordinary persons who came out to support Jamaica’s special needs community.”

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Digicel’s ‘Fun’ Route a Big Hit with 5K’ers