Five-time Guinness World Record Champ for Guinness Street Football Finals

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Five-time Guinness World Record Champ for Guinness Street Football Finals

When the finals of the Guinness Street Football challenge get underway June 27-28 in Kingston, world-renowned professional football freestyler and five-time Guinness World Record Holder, Daniel Cutting, will be a special guest. It will be the performers’ first professional engagement in Jamaica and he is looking forward to it.

According to Andrew Anguin, Brand Manager Guinness, Cutting’s skills have taken him to over twenty countries and seen him work with some of the world's biggest brands.

“We are happy to have Daniel as our special guest for the finals of the Guinness Street Football challenge. We know that consumers will enjoy his display and performance, being high energy and a real showcase of skill,” Anguin said.

Cutting prides himself on providing the highest quality form of football entertainment suitable for a wide range of events and age ranges. For the past five years, he has been featured in commercials for Adidas and Hyundai, and has been a body double in many advertisements.

He also has five standing World Records and this alone speaks volumes about his ability to keep at the top of his game. These include the fastest 100m sprint balancing a football on the forehead, the longest time controlling a football with the chest, and the most consecutive face rolls (controlling the ball and rolling it from temple to temple) of which Daniel did a staggering 1,810, smashing the previous record by over three times the amount! 

Daniel has honed and perfected his skills, as well as developed his own unique style. He takes inspiration from other creative art forms, such as break dancing and gymnastics, which he incorporates into his shows. 

“No doubt he will have something very special planned for the Guinness Street Football crowd,” Anguin added.

“We are encouraging consumers and football fans to come out and witness this incredible display which will be a ‘cut’ above the rest,” he ended.

Kamal Powell, Senior Sponsorship and Development Manager at Digicel also added, “Throughout the entire Guinness Street Football tournament season, we have seen some of the best of the best show of their skills in juggling and hardcore football. The community comes out to watch football and be entertained and we have no doubt that Cutting’s amazing skills will be well received by the crowd this weekend.”


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Five-time Guinness World Record Champ for Guinness Street Football Finals