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May Pen mom gets help with back-to-school expenses at Digicel Summer Roadshow

Clothing vendor Christine Cohen was brought to tears at the Digicel Summer roadshow stop in the May Pen on June 19 when the entire community chipped in to help take care of the back-to-school expenses for her 7-year old daughter Alena.

During his performance, dancehall artiste Ding Dong invited several parents to bring their kids on stage. After hearing Cohen’s story, Ding Dong pledged $2000 towards Alena’s back-to-school expenses.

“This a fi one foot of the school shoes,” said Ding Dong.  “MC Rogers, you pay fi di next foot.” After Rogers, the MC for the show, pledged an additional $2000, persons from the crowd started adding their contributions, raising a total of close to $10,000 for Alena.

“I feel great to get this kind of help from Ding Dong and Digicel and everybody in May Pen town,” said Cohen. “From morning I come out here to sell and me not even broke me ducts yet.  I have five kids and I sell on the street to take care of my kids. So I thank God for what Digicel did today in May Pen, it was  really a God-sent move because it’s not easy at all when back-to-school time comes around.”

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong, was moved by everyone’s response to his call for help for Alena, saying, “It’s a blessing and a wonderful feeling to be aboard such a magnificent campaign because it really opens up your eyes to the public and the masses of people who really don’t have anything at all going into the summer or even right through.”

He added, “It’s really fulfilling to be able to help raise money to go towards some books, a school uniform, a bag or even just to make somebody’s day nice. Hard times are everywhere and people are in need of help and that’s what we’re out here doing today.  Big up Digicel for this campaign because it’s definitely going to be a big help to a lot of people this summer.”

Senior Sponsorship and Development Manager at Digicel, Kamal Powell, noted that this was the kind of impact that the company’s aims to have with its ‘Mega Money Summer’ promotion.  “Yes, summer is about having fun, but it can also be a very stressful period for parents and other persons who find themselves with more expenses than their pockets can manage.  That’s why, in addition to smartphones, credit, data plans and SMART TVs, we’re giving our customers supermarket vouchers, lunch vouchers and cash, because these will definitely go a far way.”

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May Pen mom gets help with back-to-school expenses