Customer care service a big driver for brand loyalty

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Although 94% of consumers already rank its customer service higher than its competitors in a June 2015 survey conducted by Prodatos, Digicel Jamaica has announced that it will be implementing an even more comprehensive approach to its customer care operations in a bid to better serve the evolving needs of its customers.

“Our customers are continuously changing and so are their needs,” shared the company’s Director of Customer Care, Dwayne Tulloch. “In order to continue serving our customers effectively, we have to be responsive to those changing needs and that’s why we’re making the necessary upgrades to our service.  Right now, we’re giving customers access to customer care on a number of channels, including phone, email, in-store, online web chat and social media.”

Since August 2015, the company has reported a 10-35% growth across its social media platforms, where it receives up to 250 queries per day. With more persons opting to use social media as their preferred channel for customer service, this represents a 68% increase in customer queries on social media in the last year alone.

This growing appetite for social media demonstrated by its customers has led the brand to upskill a number of its customer care agents and implement a team of 45-member team of highly-trained professionals to respond to customer queries on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms between 8 am and 10pm everyday. This, he noted, has resulted in a 70% increase in customer response time and rate, based on the company’s independent research.

According to Tulloch, the new social media customer care unit has also helped to increase operational efficiencies in the company’s in-house call centre.

“Because customers have access to so many different channels for customer care, they can always use the one that’s most convenient for them,” said Tulloch.  “As customers take advantage of channels like our social media customer care or online web chat, we find that this reduces the traffic to our call centre, so the response time is even quicker and easier.  We’re very keen on making it easier for customers get in touch with us at Digicel and have their issues solved promptly. ”

Tulloch continued, “Providing excellent customer service is one of the key priorities at Digicel and it’s at the core of practically everything we do. No matter the size of a business or organisation, impeccable customer service is integral to growth as it keeps your customers happy and sets you apart from the competition.  In addition to that, good customer service helps you to create customers that are voluntary ambassadors for your business, and no amount of advertising can top that.”

With growing attention being placed on customer service island-wide, Digicel has also shared its award-winning customer service best practices with agencies of the Ministry of Local Government in a special training programme which started earlier this year, and plans are being made to expand this to other organisations across Jamaica.  Digicel recently received the PSOJ/JaCSSA Award for Service Excellence in Customer Care.

In closing, Tulloch observed, “Companies have to keep up with the trends when it comes to their customers. Their needs are always changing and you have to stay on top of things by exploring ways to better train your customer service personnel and implement the necessary tools to cover all possible customer care touchpoints.”

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Customer care service a big driver for brand loyalty