More local businesses buying into Data Centre technology

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More local businesses buying into Data Centre technology, Digicel Business reports 48% growth in one year

Local ICT solutions provider, Digicel Business, has seen a 48 percent increase in data centre usage in the past year. This represents a total overall growth of 740 percent since the launch of its Tier III data centre in 2009.  

The company attributes this to a heightened awareness of cyber security threats, business continuity concerns and the burgeoning ‘Internet of Things’ phenomenon, also referred to as IoT.

“In the past few years, we have seen significant growth in the consumption of the Data Centre services by local companies,” said Ative Ennis, Head of Innovation and Enterprise Solutions at Digicel Business. “More and more businesses are realising the importance of protecting their critical data in a secure location, and they’re also taking advantage of the cost-savings from outsourcing a lot of their ICT needs.”

“Today, with the growth of the IoT phenomenon, the data centre is playing a greater role in enabling companies to be more agile and accelerate their time to value. Importantly, it also enables companies to deploy cloud computing and other managed services in their environment so that they can start using their data sources for effective business intelligence. Finally, it gives companies the assurance and peace of mind in a time that cyber security threats are at an all-time high.”

Cisco’s Ricardo Pena, an expert on the ‘Internet of Everything’ phenomenon, noted the importance of connectivity and the data centre to local businesses, saying, “Businesses need to start integrating their IT network with other components of the business to drive efficiency and cost-savings. This results in companies today having to manage a lot of data—so a centralised data infrastructure is necessary to run a fully integrated or connected organisation.”

The global technology leader hosted its ‘Internet of Everything’ seminar at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston on Thursday, July 30. In association with its local technology partners, Digicel Business, Fujitsu and PBS also gave demonstrations on Cisco solutions for Data Centres, Collaboration and Security. 

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More local businesses buying into Data Centre technology