Students send up prayer kites for Child’s Month

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Students send up prayer kites for Child’s Month

Over thirty students from three primary schools in the downtown corporate area attended the National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Child’s Month to share prayers that they wrote as part of under Digicel’s ‘Prayers in the Sky’ initiative.

This was held at the Faith Chapel Apostolic Ministries in Kingston on Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

As part of its activities for Child’s Month and in support of the focus on safety and security for children, the telecoms leader invited students Allman Town Primary, Franklin Town Primary, North Street Primary and St. Aloysius Primary Schools to write their prayers for the nation’s children.

The initiative was launched earlier this month when Digicel visited the schools to deliver motivational and safety talks to the students. Ten prayers from each school were selected and converted to kites for the children to release during the National Day of Prayer event.

One common theme in many of the prayers shared by the students was a plea for peace. In her prayer, one student—Reajean Bennett—said, “Jamaica is badly in need of peace and that is what I am praying about today.” Meanwhile, another student, Daniel Campbell said, “I ask that you bless Jamaica, stop Jamaicans from committing crimes and make their hearts peaceful.”

Kerri-Ann Palmer, Secretary of the National Child Month Committee said, “The National Child Month Committee endeavours to build holistic children and that cannot be done in isolation of their families and society. Within our own strength we cannot do it and we seek God’s guidance and intervention to accomplish these aims.”

“With the recent spate of violence against children in Jamaica, we felt the need to play an even greater role in support of Child’s month,” said Kamal Powell, Senior Sponsorship and Development Manager at Digicel. “So today we wanted to take timeout and listen to the prayers that these children have for their own peers and the kind of environment that envision for Jamaica.”

Palmer added, “Digicel as a corporate entity demonstrated a trend which we would like more corporate entities display, which is taking the lead and encouraging children to pray and seek God.  They managed to do this in a unique and symbolic way by printing the prayers on the kites which will literally and figuratively allow them to send these prayers up to God. It was a blessing to have the children here with us today and we’re grateful for the support. What they shared from their little hearts was profound in its simplicity.”

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Students send up prayer kites for Child’s Month