Agent Fluffy Hustla Wins the Audi A3

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Over 30,000 view 48-hour live stream of Digicel’s Ultimate Mission on Facebook 

After enduring 48 gruelling hours locked in a tiny VW Bug with three other contestants, Keisha Lawrence was announced the winner of the brand new 2015 Audi A3 in Digicel’s Ultimate Mission.

“God was with me throughout the entire time,” said an excited Keisha Lawrence, aka Agent Fluffy Hustla. “It wasn’t easy to stay in the car and do all of the challenges, but when you think about it—the car was across from us the whole time, so it motivated me to do my best.”

Sacha Shaw-Cuthbert, who came in second place, took home $500,000. “I feel honoured to have been a part of this competition. Trust me, it wasn’t easy and we had our ups and downs but I’m really happy I got the chance to be part of this experience. And even though I’m not driving home the Audi, I’ve gotten a prize that will definitely go towards growing my business,” shared Sacha.

In the meantime, third place winner, Andre Bowyer said, “I feel special to be the one guy out of all of Jamaica to spend two days in a car with three women and then go home $300,000.”  Patricia Gillings, aka Agent Cruiser came in fourth place and took home $200,000.

Jamaica’s First Reality TV Execution Captivated Thousands

Described as a first for Jamaica, the 48 reality-type TV execution had thousands of people across the country fully engaged and following the action of the contestants in the car via live stream on Digicel’s Facebook page.  

At the end of the competition, over 30,000 persons viewed the live stream, while the announcement of Keisha as the winner reached over 28,000 fans and received 3,000 Likes within minutes of posting.

“The making of the Ultimate Mission underscores our commitment to engaging our customers with more innovative, interesting and original content,” said Peter Lloyd, Marketing Director for Digicel Jamaica. “It has been an amazing 48 hours and we can’t thank the contestants enough for being such great sports.”

The contestants completed 20 challenges, which pushed them to the limit in a number of ways. These included a scavenger hunt, trivia games, memory challenges and eating raw food, among others.

The winner of the Ultimate Mission was determined based on a combination of points accumulated for completing the challenges, call/text votes and online votes.

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Agent Fluffy Hustla Wins the Audi A3