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Digicel is announcing that, effectively immediately, unlicenced phone number based VOIP services are blocked on its network. Unlicenced phone number based VOIP operators such as Viber and Nimbuzz use telecoms networks to deliver their services, but do not pay the requisite money for the privilege. Digicel believes that this unauthorised use of its network amounts to illegal bypass activity.
With these unauthorised VOIP services putting enormous pressures on bandwidth – and customers’ data usage experience being negatively impacted as a result – the company has been forced to take firm action.
This is about getting the VOIP operators to agree to pay a reasonable price for the services that, at this point, they are taking from us for free. Just as a consumer would not expect to go to a supermarket and take the goods off the shelves for free, so the VOIP operators must be forced to pay their dues so that our customers can feel the benefits of our investments
With discussions with the VOIP providers ongoing, Digicel is hopeful that these measures will only be temporary and that mutually beneficial commercial relationships can be agreed with them on an individual basis.
Digicel is taking this action to protect its business, its customers and its service integrity. We would like to thank customers for their understanding and patience and hope to have a positive result to communicate in the near future.

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