Digicel Business Sparks Energy-Savings Discussion in Hospitality Sector

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Digicel Business, in partnership with the world’s largest maker of Internet infrastructure, Cisco, will host a seminar on how hotels can cut their energy costs using Energy Wise, an enterprise energy management solution (EEM).  The seminar, which is being held on the theme ‘Embracing the Connected Hotel Experience’, will take place at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay on February 18.  Representatives from Cisco and Digicel Business will facilitate discussions as well as demonstrations on how the Energy Wise enterprise energy management solution works.

With the constant fluctuation in energy costs, sustainability enterprise energy management has become one of the top concerns of businesses in the hospitality sector.  These companies are constantly seeking ways to simultaneously conserve energy and cut costs.  As such, several hotels have implemented interactive Go Green initiatives, which require both guests and staff to participate in smart energy consumption practices, such as turning off lights and air conditioning when they are not in use.  Nevertheless, energy still remains a largely unmanaged resource in the hospitality sector and accounts for one of their biggest expenses.  

According to Head of Enterprise Solutions at Digicel Business, Ative Ennis, businesses can experience savings of 30-60 percent with the solution and start seeing a return on investment in as little as one month of use.  Ennis further disclosed some of the benefits of having an EEM system, saying: “Being able to monitor how the devices in your organisation consume energy will enable you to understand where you can optimise efficiency and realize cost-savings on your energy bill.  With Energy Wise, you can also generate a number of customisable reports to inform your energy policies as well.”

Ennis added that with that kind of power, users can identify and prioritise opportunities for energy savings in their organisations.  “The EEM is able to help you identify power-hogs in your building so that you can upgrade to more efficient devices, remotely regulate power allocation and produce sustainability reports,” Ennis said.

Unlike various other systems that require additional hardware and software to operate, Energy Wise is an agentless EEM solution that allows businesses to monitor, analyse, control and optimise energy usage without the need to install software on individual devices.  In addition, the solution enables users to manage all network-connected end-user devices such as computers, VoIP telephones and automated lighting and cooling systems within a building using internet protocol.

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Digicel Business Sparks Energy-Savings Discussion in Hospitality Sector