Cascade Primary and Junior High Gets Downtime with Digicel Ambassador Yendi Phillips

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On a field trip into Kingston to visit popular local sites, Cascade Primary and Junior High of Portland saw it only fit to visit one of Downtown’s newest landmarks - the Regional Headquarters of Digicel. The students, ages 9 to 12, along with their teachers were treated to a tour of the Digicel offices before sitting down with Brand Ambassador Yendi Phillipps for a motivational talk.
As the twenty-eight excited students and teachers filed into the building their eyes lit up at the elegant Christmas decorations which presently grace the lobby area.
The first stop on the tour was the Customer Care Centre where the students got to experience firsthand how the company manages its many calls from customers on a daily basis. It was then onto the Marketing Department to meet the new Marketing Director, Peter Lloyd who took great care to explain the different advertising campaigns currently in circulation.
After stops on several other floors, the students who thought they had come to the end of their visit got a big surprise when they saw Digicel Brand Ambassador, Yendi Phillipps. Phillipps was greeted by screams and faces filled with excitement.
Yendi’s message to the children was “Do not be afraid - believe in yourself.” The children also had their go at asking her questions to which she happily obliged. Mikaylia Scott, a budding journalist asked, “If your daughter wants to grow up to be like you what would you say?” “That’s a very good question. I’d tell my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be and I will be there to support her. If she said mommy I want to paint rocks and sell them, I’d say baby girl where do we buy the paint?”
Another student, Shenelle Thomas asked, “What do you like to do in your spare time?” to which Yendi responded, “I like to read and go to the beach; my daughter Israel loves the beach.” The likely follow-up question came from a curious Taj-Jaje Campbell who wanted to know what her favourite book to read was.  “To Kill a Mocking Bird, it’s the coolest book you will read when you get to high school!” said Yendi.
The visit ended with the children receiving toys courtesy of Digicel.

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Cascade Primary and Junior High Gets Downtime with Digicel Ambassador Yendi Phillips