Double the Love Double the Credit Valentine Promotion FAQ

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Double the Love Double the Credit Valentine Promotion FAQ

1.    What is the Double the Love Double the Credit promotion?

This promotion is a wonderful opportunity for our prepaid customers to get up to 100% bonus credit. When you top up with $300 to $700, you will get 100% Bonus Credit. Top Ups over $700 will earn a maximum of $1400 Bonus Credit.

2.    How does Double the Love Double Credit work?

You are required to make a single Top Up of $300 or more to receive the bonus credit. You will receive a text message with instructions to claim your bonus within 24 hours via 'Offers for You' in the My Digicel app or by dialing *147*14#.

For example:

If you top up with a single Top Up of $300, you will receive $300 bonus credit, leaving $1,100 bonus remaining to retrieve. If you then top up with $2,000, you will only receive $1,100 bonus credit as the maximum bonus awarded during the promotional period is $1,400.

If you top up with $1500, you will receive $1,400 bonus credit, as that is the maximum credit awarded during the promotional period.

NB: If you top up with two (2) 200 vouchers or three (3) 108/120 vouchers you will NOT receive the bonus credit, because you are required to top up with a single.

Bonus Credit is valid for 24 hours and is non-transferable.

3.    Do I have to claim or redeem this bonus credit?

Yes. You are required to claim the bonus credit in the My Digicel App or by dialing *147*14#.

4.    How many times can I benefit from Double Love?

You can enjoy multiple qualifications until you have earned the maximum bonus credit of $1,400.

5.    Can I top up with two $100 credit to qualify?

No. You must top up with a single $300 credit minimum.

6.    How long do I have to claim my bonus credit?

You have within 24 hours after topping up to claim your bonus credit.

7.    When will the bonus credit expire?

Your bonus credit will expire 24 hours from claiming and expires at 11:59:59PM on the last day of usage.

8.    Which top-up methods are eligible for the bonus credit?

All Top-up types are eligible except the Diaspora Retail.

9.    How can I use the bonus credit?

You can use the bonus credit to make on-net calls and to activate any of the Nuff Data suite of plans, consisting of Nuff Data and Unlimited Talk, Nuff Nuff Data, or Unlimited Social & Talk. See the list of plans below:

Plan Name

Nuff Data & Talk Plans

Nuff Nuff Data Plan

Nuff Social Plans

2 Day 200MB + Unlimited Talk BTL

2  Day 340MB BTL


2 Day 400MB Unlimited Social + talk plan

2 Day 250MB + Unlimited Talk

2  Day 400MB

7 Day 500MB Unlimited Social + talk plan (promo)

7 Day 600MB + Unlimited Talk

2 Day 350MB MDA

7 Day 1GB Unlimited Social + talk plan

14 Day 1.2GB + Unlimited Talk

2 Day 2 Day Starter Plus

14 Day 2GB Unlimited Social + talk plan

28 Day 2GB  + Unlimited Talk (BTL)

7 Day 1.2GB

28 Day 2GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan (promo)

28 Day 5GB + Unlimited Talk


14 Day 2.5GB

28 Day 4GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan


28 Day 6.5GB

28 Day 6GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan


10. How can I check the remaining Valentine's bonus credit?

Via the My Digicel App or by dialing *147#.

11.  Can Credit U be used to qualify for this promotion?

No. Only direct top-ups.

12. Can I qualify for this promotion with an outstanding digiloan?

Sure, you can qualify for bonus credit if your eligible top-up fully offset loan and the remaining top-up amount after the loan repayment satisfies the eligibility requirement, i.e., the remaining recharge amount is $300 or more.

13. Can the bonus credit be transferred?

No. The bonus credit is not transferrable.

14.  How will I know when I have bonus credit?

We will send an SMS notification advising of the bonus and how to claim it.

15.  What if I top up with a $108 and $120 credit, will I receive the bonus credit?

No. The top-up has to be a single $300 or more. After doing those top-ups, if you then top-up with a single $300 credit, you will receive the bonus credit.

16.  Will the bonus credit be used before the main account balance for calls and data plan purchases?

Yes. The bonus credit will be used first.

17. Is there a set time frame for me to top up to receive the bonus?

Yes, as long as you top-up with $300 or greater from February 1st to 14th, 2020.

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Double the Love Double the Credit Valentine Promotion FAQ