Youth Offer

Youth Offer 

Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional Period: February 1 – March 31, 2023


1.      What is the Youth Offer? 


Select customers who purchase a SIM card will receive a FREE 3-Day Prime Bundle and 50% off the 28-Day Prime Brawta Bundle for three months.


2.      Who will be able to benefit from the Tween Offer?


The offer will only be available for Gen Z subscribers (Ages 13-25).


3.      What is the cost for a SIM?


SIM cards can be purchases at a cost of $750 (tax included)


4.      How will the 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle be activated?


Once the SIM card is activated, the FREE three day plan will be automatically added.


5.      What is the cost for the discounted 28-Day Bundle?


Details of the 28-Day Prime Brawta Bundle:


Plan Name


Regular Price


New Cost -Discount


Main Data


Local Mins

(S.W.I.F.T, TikTok, Netflix, YT and Google Maps)

50% 28-Day Prime Brawta Bundle


















*S.W.I.F.T = Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


6.      How will customers access the discounted 28-Day Bundle?


Bundle can be accessed via MDA (Available Plans- Discount Brawta Plans).


Once the Dealer provisions the SIM, the customers will be eligible for the 50% off the 28Day Brawta Prime Bundle for three (3) months.


7.      Will customers be able to check their Data and Minutes balance?


Yes, customers will be able to check their balances via the MyDigicel App (Account & Balances) or UMM service menu.


8.      How does a customer participate in the promotion?


Follow these steps to participate in the Promotion:


Step 1: Visit a Digicel store;

Step 2: Present School ID for the youth

Step 3: Parent completes the Youth Offer Promotion Participation & Consent Form;

Step 4: Purchase SIM


9.      Does the customer need to provide proof of a relationship between myself and my child?


Yes, a copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate along with a copy of the Parent/Guardian’s valid government identification is required to establish proof of relationship. You will also be required to fill out the consent form, where you will verify this by signature of the form.