Prepaid & Postpaid Back to School Handset Offer FAQ

Prepaid & Postpaid Youth Back to School Handset Offer FAQ


Launch Date: August 16, 2023

Update: September 15, 2023 (Handset discount with the purchase of a 28 Day Prime Bundle)



1.  What is the Prepaid Handset Offer?


Customers who purchase a 28 Day Prime Bundle in stores will be eligible for a 40% discount on the Samsung A04e.



2.  What will be the discounted cost of the Samsung A04e?


Handset prices are indicated below:


Samsung A04e Sale Price

Samsung A04e Original Price

$10,860 +GCT

$18,100.00 +GCT



3.  What is the Postpaid Young Adult Offer?


Any customer between the ages of 21 to 26 years, will be eligible to sign up for the Postpaid Intro plan plus receive $1000 off their first month’s bill. The customer will also be eligible to receive 40% off a Samsung A14 or Samsung A04e if they wish to take the handset offer!




4.  What are the requirements to participate in this offer?


To be eligible, customers are required to present a valid ID, Student ID or birth certificate.



5.  What is the Postpaid Handset Offer?


Customers who sign up for ANY postpaid subscription plan will get 40% off a Samsung A14 or Samsung A04e handset plus $1000 off their first month’s bill.  They must take the bundle deal to get the benefits!


Samsung A14 Sale Price

Samsung A14 Original Price

$18,000 +GCT

$25, 960 +GCT



6.  How long will these offers last?


Offers will be valid while stocks last.