Valentine's Double Data Offer

Valentine’s Double Data Offer

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Promotional Period:

Launch Date: February 12, 2021

End Date: February 28, 2021


1.       How does the Valentine’s Double Data Offer work?

Prepaid Customers who buy a 3, 7, 14 & 28-Day Prime bundle during the promotional period will receive an additional offer to double their Prime Bundle any-use data during 24 Hrs for only $100 anytime while the Prime Bundle is active.

Customers will be able to double their any-use data allotment on Prime Bundle purchases only.


2.       How will I be notified of the Valentine’s Double Data offer?

Upon purchase of a 3, 7, 14 & 28 Day Prime Bundle, you will receive a message offering to double your any-use data for $100JMD more.


See Notifications below (e.g 7 day Prime Bundle):


Notification 1

Your 7 day Prime Bundle with 6GB any-use data + 49GB for Digicel apps is active. Bundle will renew on xxxx/xx/xx xx:xx. Check Balance at or *147#

Notification 2

Double your DATA this Valentine! Get 2X Data for 24Hrs in your Prime Bundle for only J$100. Go to or *147# to redeem. Text 5 to 137 for info


3.      Is there a limited period to accept the Double Data Offer?                                                  

No. After receiving the notification, you can double your any-use data anytime while your Prime Bundle is active.


4.       How long is the Double Data valid?

The Double Data will last 24 hrs from the time of purchase and will be lost upon expiry.


5.       Can I double my any-use data multiple times?

You will be able to double the any-use data while on an active 3 day Prime Bundle or higher for 24hrs at any time during the plan validity. 

For new eligible Prime Bundle purchases you will be allowed to double your any-use data again for that specific Prime Bundle; in that case, your double data will rollover and will extend the 24 hr validity period.

e.g. if you have a 7 day Prime Bundle with an active double data, then purchase either the same, a  higher or lower Prime Bundle:

·         You will receive an additional double data offer

·         Double data will rollover

·         24hrs validity will restart from the time of latest double data purchase.


6.       How can I use my double data?

The double data is any-use to browse, stream on internet, access to Social media as well as access to the eight Digicel digital apps.


7.       How can I claim my double data offer?

You will be able to claim offer via *147# and the MyDigicel App in the category “Offers for You” from the side menu


8.       Can I check my double data balance?

You can check your double data balance in The MyDigicel App (Select“Account & Balances”) or by dialing *120*173#


9.       What are the Double data offers that will be available using the Valentine’s Data Promotion?

Below are the plan details of the offer:

Plan Name

3 Day
Double Data

7 Day
Double Data

14 Day
Double Data

28 Day
Double Data


Upon purchase of 3 day Prime Bundle

Upon purchase of 7 day Prime Bundle

Upon purchase of 14 day Prime Bundle

Upon purchase of 28 day Prime Bundle






Price JMD