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30 Day Unlimited Prime Port-In Offer FAQ


Port In Offer Launch Date: June 4, 2021

End Date: December 31, 2021


1. What is the Special Port-In offer?

This is a great way for you to transfer your number to Digicel and experience Jamaica’s Fastest Network. As our welcome gift, newly transferred customers will receive a free 30-Day Unlimited Prime Bundle including the following benefits:

ü  Unlimited any-use data

ü  Unlimited YouTube

ü  Unlimited Social Media

ü  Unlimited Digicel apps (BiP, GoLoud, PlayGo, D’Music, Billio, SportsMax, Loop, MyDigicel)

ü  Unlimited local Digicel calls

ü  Unlimited local Digicel texts

ü  3,000 minutes to USA and other local networks

ü  Plus, 15% off renewal of the 30-Day Unlimited Data & Talk Bundle for the next 6 months.


2.       Where can I call with my local and international minutes?

·         Use your Unlimited Digicel minutes to call any local Digicel number (mobile or landline).

·         Your 3,000 minutes for other local calls can be used to call another local network or numbers in the USA (except non-international toll-free numbers).

·         Once you’ve used up your 3,000 minutes, calls will be charged at $5.95 + Special Telephone Call Tax ($6.45) per minute for local calls and $9.99+ Special Telephone Call Tax ($10.49) per minute for USA calls.


3.      What are the requirements for transferring my SIM to Digicel?

ü  An active FLOW SIM card

ü  A valid ID

ü  A Digicel-compatible handset





·         Ensure your loan is cleared prior to switching to Digicel.

·         The number that you want to switch to Digicel must not have been switched from Digicel less than 90 days ago.


4.      How do I transfer my Flow number to Digicel?

Joining Jamaica’s Fastest Network is simple and easy!  

·         Text the word “PORT” to 1876-444-7678

·         Take your Flow SIM and valid government-issued ID to your nearest Digicel store shortly after to complete the process

·         There, you’ll receive your new Digicel SIM loaded with the free 30-Day Unlimited Prime Bundle

·         You can also send us a message via our @DigicelJamaica social media pages with your request to join the Digicel network between Monday- Friday 9 am- 5 pm.


5.       How long does it take for my number to be transferred to Digicel?

The process takes about 15 minutes- 24 hours.


6.      Will my new Digicel SIM be compatible with my phone?  

You must ensure that your device is not locked to one network in order to successfully complete the transfer and use your new Digicel SIM. A Customer Service Representative at the Digicel store will make quick check before completing the transfer of your number.


7.      How do I track my usage?

Please download the MyDigicel app to get the latest information on your service, credit balance and other information about your account.


8.      Can I reactivate this Unlimited 30-Day Prime Bundle?

The Unlimited Prime Bundle will be a one-time offer once ported to the Digicel network, however, you will be able to activate another Prime Bundle. See them all at https://www.digicelgroup.com/jm/en/bundles.html


9.       Will I be able to participate in the Shake To Win promotion?

Of course! That’s one of the best benefits of being part of the Digicel family. Look out for our fantastic offers throughout the year.