Starter Bundle

7-Day Starter Bundle


Frequently Asked Questions 


Launch Date: October 4, 2022

Activation Methods

My Digicel App, Digicel Website or *147#

Voice Balance Check

My Digicel App, Digicel Website, *120*22#

Data Balance Check

My Digicel App, Digicel Website, *120*159#


1.       Which customers can activate a 7-Day Starter Bundle?

All Prepaid customers can activate this value-packed Bundle and enjoy the benefits.


2.       What’s included in my 7-Day Starter Bundle?

Product Name


7-Day Starter

Price (J$)



Local Voice (Min)



Data (MB)




3.       Can I use my local voice minutes to call any local network?

Yes. Here’s what’s included:

·       Local Digicel mobile numbers

·       Digicel+ landline

·       Flow Landline

·       Flow Mobile


4.     Once my minutes are finished, how much will I pay for calls?

You will pay the standard rate of $9.99+tax ($10.49) per minute if your plan is still active. Regular per-second billing will apply.



5.     Will my Bundle auto-renew?

Yes. For your convenience, your 7-Day Starter Bundle will auto-renew, provided you have enough credit.


6.     Will my unused data and voice minutes rollover?

Yes, once another Bundle is activated before the current one expires. If you choose to move to a Prime Bundle, you will have both data bundles to use.

7.       When my Bundle expires, will I have  a grace period before I lose my unused data and minutes?

No, when your 7-Day Starter Bundle expires, unused data and minutes will be removed at 11:59:59 P.M. on the day of expiry. If you re-purchase a plan after expiration, only the new plan allotment will be applied to your account.