Skoolaz Prime Bundle

Skoolaz Prime Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is the Skoolaz Prime bundle?

The Skoolaz Prime Bundle is a special plan that allows our Primary and Secondary students who purchase a new sim to access cool benefits from 3GB daily free access to Ministry of Education URLs, specific Digicel apps, 16GB to use Social +YouTube and more data to stream and browse.

There is also something special for our Postpaid Customers. If you are a Postpaid customer that signs up for a Postpaid Prime Start or higher, and purchase the Skoolaz Prime Bundle offer for their children during the promotional period + pay their bill in full, you will receive 50% off the Skoolaz Prime bundle on the eligible prepaid sim for 6 months starting October.  


2.      What is the full breakdown of Skoolaz Prime Bundle?

Plan Name

28 Day Skoolaz Prime  Bundle Kids

28 Day Skoolaz Prime  Bundle Teens

Price JMD



Main Data



Data - Education URLs

3GB (Daily FUP)

3GB (Daily FUP)

Social Media Cap Allowance

16GB combined

16GB combined

YouTube Cap Allowance

SportsMax allotment



Bip Audio/Video

(Text is Unlimited)









Total Data Offer


226GB (including daily FUP)


240GB (including daily FUP)


3.      Who is eligible for this Skoolaz Prime Bundle?

Only Primary and Secondary School student will benefit from the Skoolaz Prime Bundle.

To participate in the offer you will also need to provide below:  

·         Show your valid primary or secondary school identification or passport/birth certificate.

·         Bring your parent(s) or Guardian(s) with their Govt issued Identification.

·         Parents can also purchase on behalf of their child by taking their Government issued ID plus the student’s passport, school ID or birth certificate.

·         The cost of the sim card, which will be $750 inclusive of Tax + the cost of the plan to receive the offer.

·         Once you are signing up for the postpaid offer you are require to have a Govt issue Identification and a recent utility bill in your name. 


N.B. The sim will be registered to your parent/guardian’s name


4.      What are the condition to benefit from the discount on my postpaid account?

Once you paid your bill in full and on-time, your child will benefit from the discount starting October. The prepaid Sim that participated in the Skoolaz offer will received an SMS once they are qualified for the discount.


5.      If I have an old Sim card will I be able to participate in the promotion?

No. The offer will be for New Sim purchases valid for Primary and Secondary School students ONLY. Existing customers will not be able to benefit from this promotion.


6.      What is the promotional Period:

The promotion will begin in store on August 17th, 2021 and ends on September 30th, 2021. Students who participate in the promotion will be able to access the offers for 12 months, i.e. until August 17, 2022.


7.      Which social apps will I be able to access with my Social + YouTube bundle?

·         WhatsApp Messaging (No VOIP- Voice/Video)

·         Instagram

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Snapchat

·         YouTube (Upload, download and streaming)


8.      If I change my Skoolaz Prime plan to a Prime bundle, will I still have access to the Social+Youtube bundle?

Regrettably No. Once you move away from the Skoolaz Prime Bundle, all the social +YouTube benefits will be removed. Only your main data will rollover to the new plan.


9.      How can I activate the Skoolaz Prime Bundle ?

You will be able to activate the plans Via:

·         UMM (147#)- Under Nuff Nuff plans- Skoolaz plan

·         My Digicel App. This will be displayed in the Plans & bundles then available plans in the My Digicel App.


10.  How can I check my balance?

Balances can be checked via UMM or My Digicel App- Under Account & balances.

The agent at the counter will set the My Digicel App and show you how to check the balance.


11.  What are the Digicel apps that will be included in this promotion?

Only specific Digicel apps will be included in both plans, the below apps will be included:

·         BiP

·         Loop

·         SportsMax

·         Billo

N.B, D’music, PlayGo and GoLoud will not be included.


12.  If I have depleted my Social and YouTube bundle, will I be able to continue browsing?

Yes. If you deplete the Social + YouTube data, you will then be charged from main data for any use.


13.  Are Minutes and Text messages included in the Skoolaz Plan?

The bundle will not include minutes or SMS.

The student will be charged the below:

·         On-net and off-net calls -9.99+Tax ($10.49 inclusive of Tax) per minutes

·         Digicel-to-Digicel - $3.75 per message

·         Other local networks - $4.75 per message

·         International - $6.75 per message


14.  What will be the daily usage for the Ministry Of Education Urls?

Each student will be allowed to stream the specific Ministry of Education URLs up to 3GB daily.


15.  What are the specific Ministry of Education (MOE) URLs?

Please see the Ministry of Education Plan Frequently Questions for the full list of  URLs. 

16.  What if I have accessed a URL outside of the ones mentioned for MOE, will I be charged?

Yes. You will be charged from the main data for access to sites outside of approved MOE sites mentioned in the above.


17.  Will the Skoolaz bundle auto renew?

Yes. This plan will auto renew once there is sufficient credit on the customer’s account.


18.  Will the bundle roll over?

·         The main data will rollover once you autorenews or repurchase the plan.

·         If you move away from the Skoolaz bundle you will lose the Digital Bundle, Social+YT  and the access to the MOE urls .

·         If you move from the Prime bundle to the Back to School bundle you will receive the (Bip ,Billo, Loop and the SportsMax) bundle and the other 3 apps (D’Music, PlayGo and GoLoud) and the minutes will be removed.


19.  Will the data remain on the account if the plan expires?

Yes. You will be given the grace period (24hrs after expiry at 12:00AM) to repurchase the plan and keep up to 12GB of their main data. However, access to the URLs will be removed upon plan expiry.



20.  Which data plan will I be able to move to while on the “Skoolaz Prime Bundle”?

You will be able to move to the below plans:

·         Prime bundle

·         Education plan

·         D’music

·         Playgo


21.  What add-ons will be available while on this Skoolaz Prime bundle?

The Skoolaz Prime bundle will not be compatible with any Minutes or data add-ons.


22.  Will I receive notifications when my Social+YouTube bundle has been exhausted?

Yes. you will receive a message when you reach the below points:

Notification point


0MB remaining

You have exhausted your Social + YouTube bundle. Check main data bal via *147# or to continue browsing.


23.  Will I receive notifications when my MOE bundle has been exhausted?

 Yes. Customers will receive a message when they reach the below points:


Notification point


300MB remaining

Fair Usage Alert: You have 300MB remaining from your Fair usage allowance.

100MB remaining

Fair Usage Alert: - You have 100MB remaining from your Fair usage allowance.

0MB remaining

Fair Usage Alert: You have reached your Fair Usage allowance on your Education Plan. Buy an Education Add-on via *147# or to continue browsing.