Prime Bundle Updates

Updated Prepaid Prime Bundles 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the new changes to Digicel Prime Bundles for Prepaid customers?


As of October 1, 2021, Prepaid Prime Bundles will be adjusted in prices and allotment:

 How will customers be notified of these changes?


We will send text messages to customers on September 17, 2021, September 28, 2021 and October 1, 2021.


Why the change in Prime Bundle rates?


As part of providing you with the most reliable network, fastest speeds and unmatched digital services, we will occasionally make changes to reflect the true of cost of delivering these services. At the same time, we try to find opportunities to deliver more value to our customers by increasing their data allotment with each bundle, providing additional calling minutes and options, and upgrading our network to provide even faster data speeds.


In addition to these, we also respond to our customers’ increasing demand for streaming via YouTube by increasing the any-use data allotment, providing exclusive YouTube data in all of our Prime Bundles.


What level of access will I get when using the Digicel family of apps? 

N.B. - Loop video and advertisement not included in the Loop Bundle

         - The BiP bundle will not cover charges for BiP group video calling, Discover and Games.

NB: Toll Free numbers are not included and will be charged at the standard rate.



Which networks can I use the local minutes to call?

-          Local Digicel mobile

-          Digicel landline

-          Flow landline

-          Flow mobile


  Will my unused minutes rollover?

Yes. However, it will be capped at 5,000 minutes.



        What are the Out-of-Bundle rates while on an active Prime Bundle?

 Call Type

Out-of-Bundle Rate


Local calls to Digicel & Flow


$4.49 per minute (inclusive of tax)


Call Type

Out-of-Bundle Rate


International - USA, Canada ,India, China, Hong Kong and landlines in Spain


$10.49 per minute (inclusive of tax)


Are text messages included in the Prime Bundles?

No. Please see text messaging rates below

            Digicel to Digicel - $3.75

            Digicel to other local networks - $4.75

            International - $6.75

If my data allotment for an app is finished, can I transfer the data allotment for another app to keep using that app?


No. However, you can continue to use the app by purchasing a Data Add-on for that app, consuming the any-use data allotment in your bundle, or via Wi-Fi.


What are my options for buying Add-ons for each of the digital lifestyle apps?


Data Allotment


D' Music





















Will unused data from my digital apps rollover?


Yes. However, rollover data will not exceed 56GB.


When my Prime Bundle expires, how much time will I have to save my unused data?


You have until midnight (11:59:59PM) the day after the plan expires to activate a new Prime Bundle and keep a maximum of 12GB of unused data. Example: if your bundle expires October 27 at 2:06PM and you have 14GB of unused data, you will have until Oct 28 at 11:59:59PM to activate a new Prime Bundle and keep only 12GB of your unused data.



Will I be notified when my App data bundle has been exhausted?


Yes. You will receive a message once your bundle allotment has reached 50MB.


 Where can I buy Prime Bundles?

The easiest way is via the MyDigicel App at or by dialing *147# or by calling 100.


How Does the YouTube Bundle work?


Your YouTube data can only be used for the YouTube app; this will include upload, download and watching of YouTube content. The YouTube data will be valid while your bundle is active. Unused YouTube data will rollover once you activate a new Prime Bundle before midnight the following day. Once your YouTube data is finished, you will begin to your any-use data allotment.