New SIM Offer

New SIM Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch Date: February 1, 2023


1.       What is the New Sim Offer?


The New Sim offer will allow any customer who purchases a SIM to receive a FREE 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle (the “Plan”). The Plan will be automatically added. Upon SIM activation, customers will receive an SMS informing them they have a FREE offer.


2.       Will customers be notified of the offer?


Yes, once the SIM is activated, customers will receive the below SMS:

“Your 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle is now active. Please accept a FREE 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle as a gift. You'll get a text confirmation when active.”


3.     What are the requirements to purchase a New Sim?


Customers will be required to visit the Dealer Store with a Valid Government issued ID and purchase a new SIM card at the cost of $750 inclusive of tax. SIM cards will be activated at Dealer Store and the plan added.


4.     How many SIM cards can customers purchase?


A customer is allowed to purchase five (5) SIM cards every 120 days.


5.       What are the benefits of the 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle?


Plan Name

3 Day Prime Brawta Bundle



3 Days

Price JMD


Local Off-net Voice


300 mins

Local On-net Voice

SWIFT + Other Apps allotment


SportsMax Allotment


Main/Core Allowance


Listen/Music Allotment (formerly Dmusic) - soundcloud, amazon music


Watch/Video Allotment (formerly Playgo) - HBO Max, Disney+ Video


Bip App Audio/Video Allotment (Text is Unlimited)


Loop App Allotment


GoLoud App Allotment


Storage Apps Allotment (formerly Billo) - OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud