Ministry of Education Plan & Add-On FAQ

Ministry of Education Plan & Add on  Frequently Asked Questions

Ministry of Education Plan & Add on

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch date: April 3, 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


1.      What is the Education Plan?

Our Education Plan is being offered in partnership with the Ministry of Educaton, Youth and Information. It allows students at all levels to enjoy unlimited access to their schools’ online learning platforms with access to e-libraries, tutorials, courses and assignments – all in one convenient place.  

2.      Can I get the Education Plan?

Yes. All active Digicel prepaid customers will have access to the Education Plan or an Education Plan Add-on.


3.      How much does it cost?

14-Day Education Plan

Plan Name



Data for Education URLs

Any use Data Allotment (MB)

14-Day Education Plan

14 Days


3GB per day






Education Plan Add-on

Add On Name


Compatible Plans 


Data for Education URLs

Any use Data Allotment (MB)

Education Plan Add-on

Same as the duration of your current data  Plan

All Data Plans


3GB per day




4.      How long will my Education Plan Add-n last for?

Your Add-on will expire at the same time your current plan finishes. Example: If you are already on an active 28-day plan and then activate an Education Plan Add-on, the add-on will be valid for 28 days. However, if you activate the Add-on later on during the 28-day plan, the Add-on will still expire whtn the plan finishes.

5.      Where can I find the list of websites with unlimited access while on the Education Plan?

Scroll to the end of this page to view the list. 

6.      What if I access a website outside of the ones listed, will I be charged?

Yes. You will be charged from your regular data balance.

7.      What will happen when my regular data balance finished?

You will be prompted to purchase an Add-on if your current plan has not expired.

 8.      Will the 14-day Education Plan auto-renew?

Yes. Your plan will auto-renew provided that you have enough credit your account.

 9.      Will my Education Plan Addon auto-renew as well?

No. You can purchase a new Add-on shortly after activating your new plan.

 10.   How do I activate the Education Plan and Add-on?

It’s easier via the MyDigicel app, or you may dial *147#

 11.   Will the unused data on my Education Plan rollover?

Once you activate another plan or repurchase the current plan within 24 hours of expiry your any use data will rollover. However the 3GB per day for the URLs will not rollover.


12.   How do I check my balance?

Via the MyDigicel App ( or by dialing *147#

 13.   Can I activate other Add-ons while on the 14-day Education Plan?

Yes. You may choose from the following:

       i.      1-day 1GB Add-on

      ii.      60 MB Data –

     iii.      60Mins Digicel Talk

      iv.      30Mins Local Talk





1 Learning Hub
2               Google for Education                             
3 Caribbean Maritime University
4 Caribbean Maritime University
5 Caribbean Maritime University
6 Caribbean Maritime University
7 Excelsior Community College
8 Shortwood Teachers’ College
9 Shortwood Teachers’ College
10 St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College
11 St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College
12 St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College
13 The Mico University College
14 The Mico University College
15 The Mico University College
16 The University of the West Indies
17 The University of the West Indies
18 The University of the West Indies
19 The University of the West Indies
20 The University of the West Indies
21 University of West Indies
22 University of West Indies
23 University College of the Caribbean
24 University College of the Caribbean
25 University College of the Caribbean
26 University College of the Caribbean
27 University of Technology, Jamaica
28 University of Technology, Jamaica
29 University of Technology, Jamaica
30 University of Technology, Jamaica
31 University of Technology, Jamaica
32 Vocational Training Development Institute
33 Vocational Training Development Institute
34   Vocational Training Development Institute
35 Vocational Training Development Institute
36 G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport
37 G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport
38 G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport
39 Portmore Community College
40 Portmore Community College
41 Portmore Community College
42 College of Agriculture, Science & Education
43 College of Agriculture, Science & Education
44 Brown’s Town Community College
45 Brown’s Town Community College
46 Moneague College
47 Moneague College
48 Montego Bay Community College
49 Montego Bay Community College
50 Montego Bay Community College
51 Montego Bay Community College
52 Bethlehem Moravian College
53 Bethlehem Moravian College
54 Church Teachers’ College
55 Church Teachers’ College
56 Church Teachers’ College
57 Northern Caribbean University
58 Northern Caribbean University
59 Caribbean Examination Council
60 PEP
61 EduFocal
62 Schoology
63 Campion Collegue
64 Google Classroom
65 Flow Study academy
66 Smart Term Academy
67 Smart Term Academy
68 Smart Term Academy
69 Smart Term Academy
70 One on One educational services
71 Excelsior Community College
72 Edna Manley Collegue
73 Edna Manley Collegue
74 Edna Manley Collegue
75 Montego Bay Community College
76 University of the Commonwealth Caribbean
77 Bookfusion portal
78 Yammer Portal
79 UWI collaborate
80 University of West Indies
81 Spot valley highschool
83 Education portal
84    Allman town primary portal
85 Blackboard Collaborate
86 Blackboard Collaborate
87 Blackboard Collaborate
88 Council of Community collegues of Jamaica
89 Caribbean Examination Council
90 Easy Class portal
91 Excelsior Community College
92 Excelsior Community College
93 Edu 365 portal
94 Educosoft portal
95 Council of Community collegues of Jamaica
96 Knox Community collegue
97 Sam Sharpe Teacher's collegue
98 Knox Community collegue
99 Khana academy portal
100 Clan carth highschool
101 Facts portal
102 My Dream Cheetah portal
103 Edmodo portal
104 Regent Collegue of the Caribbean
106 EBSCO portal
107 ProQuest portal
108  Trenchtown politechnic portal
109 Turnitin Portal
110  My school jamaica App
111 CMA Alpha portal
112 Edmodo portal
113 Gree Island highschool
114 My school Jamaica
115 Liberty App Solutions
116 Maldon Highschool
117 Merlene Ottey Highschool
118 My school Jamaica
119 Peters field highschool
121 Rodeshall highschool
122 St.James Highschool
123 The Wolmer's trust