Digicel Christmas Campaign 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

 Digicel Christmas Camapign 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions



Start Date: November 19th, 2020

End Date: January 20th, 2021


1.       What is the Christmas Campaign 2020?

The Digicel Christmas campaign 2020 will give you the opportunity to enjoy below activities:

·         Shake & Share Promotion: Win Daily and weekly rewards by shaking your Smartphone via the Shake to Win gaming mechanism in the MyDigicel App

·         Traditional Raffles: Win Big rewards through different entry methods in our traditional raffles with a Grand Draw at the end of the promotion

2.       What is the promotional period for the Christmas campaign 2020?

The Christmas campaign will be valid from Thursday, November 19, 2020 12:00AM to January 20 2021. 11:59PM

3.       Am I eligible to participate in the Christmas Campaign 2020?

If you are  a Prepaid, Postpaid and Digicel+ customer then you are eligible to participate in the Christmas Campaign 2020 with the below exceptions if you are:

a.     Postpaid Corporate & Business account customer;

b.     Employees/families of employees, employees of affiliated companies associated with this promotion; - this is applies to the cash and handset rewards.

c.     Postpaid customer with overdue amounts

d.     Digicel+ only customers are not eligible for Shake it Promotion

e.     Customers who are roaming.


4.       How does Shake to Win Promotion work?


In order to Shake & Share, you will need to perform an eligible action which will allow you to access to the game feature in MyDigicel App. The promotion will be available with two type of Shakes:

·         Chances to win: Daily from Sunday to Friday

·         Guaranteed Win: On Saturdays and other promotional days

When you Shake it:

a.     You will need to confirm participation in the Promotion by clicking on the “Shake It” notification and accepting outlined Terms.

b.     Then you will be allowed to shake the phone and the App will indicate whether you win or not

c.     If applicable, you will be served with a list of rewards from which you can select one.

d.     If applicable, you can trade your default reward to another one in the list or you can gift to another Digicel mobile customer.

e.     If you do not claim or gift a reward 24 hours after winning, the default reward will be activated on your account.

f.      Within the 24- hour, you will have the option to choose or gift the reward.


5.       What is new in Shake & Share this Christmas Campaign 2020?

You will be able to enjoy the traditional Shake to Win experience with the existing rewards plus the below new features:

a.     Choose your Reward: You can choose your assigned reward with other different options.

b.     Gift your Reward: You will be able to gift their reward to another Digicel number

c.     New Prime Bundles with Price Discounts

d.     Exclusive Data allocations and premium access to select digital Apps (GoLoud, SportsMax, BiP, Loop, PlayGo, Billo) the table below further illustrates the apps that customers will gain premium access to.

e.     We have refreshed our traditional Shake to Win rewards and MORE!


6.       What makes me eligible to participate in the Shake & Share promotion?


You can participate in the Promotion as long as the below conditions are met:

If you are a Prepaid customer…

·         Activate any plan, Data Add-on or Voice Add-on via any channel (MyDigicel App, *147# code and online via Digicel’s website)

·         Top- up with $300.00 or more

·         Be on or active any plan to participate for a Guaranteed Win on Saturday


·         Accumulate 10 minutes of talk time within 24 hours

·         Pay your bill in full and on time

·         Sign up or upgrade to our new Prime plan

·         Activate eligible Mifi Plan (20GB/60GB)

7.       Will I be notified when I receive an entry to Shake & Share?

Yes, you will be notified as soon as you have gained an entry via SMS

“Congratulations! You have received a chance to Shake! Go to sj.mydigicel.net for your chance to win an instant reward.”

8.       How will I know if I am qualified to Shake & Share in MyDigicel App?

You will see the below displays available when you are qualified (image 8.1) or unqualified (image 8.2) to shake



9.       Will I need to activate a plan on Saturdays to benefit from Saturdays Guaranteed Win with Shake & Share?


Not necessary. Once you activate a plan from Sunday to Friday and the plan is still active on Saturday then you will be given the opportunity to shake and have a guaranteed win.


10. How should I use the Shake it feature in the MyDigicel App?

You can instantly shake your phone once you access the Shake it feature via the Shake it icon in MyDigicel App (image 10.1). For older versions of phones, you must press Shake it button on top of the Christmas tree to simulate an actual shake to play (image 10.2)




11. What version of MyDigicel App do I need to participate in the Shake & Share Promotion?

You will need to have the new version of the My Digicel app installed (7.5). The new version of the My Digicel App should be installed automatically in your smartphone as long as the automatic update if turned on for apps on your device.


If you do not have auto update turned on then you will be prompted to update the My Digicel app via in app messages and push notifications.

12. How many times can I win a reward per day?

You can win a reward once every 24hrs.


13. But, can I Shake more than once per day?

Yes. From Sunday to Friday, as long as you performs any eligible action you will be given the opportunity to Shake & Share. Each action will allow you for one Shake during 24hrs.


14.  Okay, which plans will allow me to participate in the Shake & Share promotion?

You can Shake & Share by activating and being active on pretty much any plan including our new Prime Plans, voice and data Add-ons and Bundles. For more information you can refer to appendix Section I. List of eligible Prepaid & Postpaid plans.

As a tip, you will be able to identify the Eligible Plans in MyDigicel App with the “Shake It” icon next to the plan tag.  Any plans that do not have the “Shake It” icon in the App are excluded from the Promotion.


15.  What are the rewards that I can win?

The Shake & Share promotion allows you to win a variety of rewards, below a descriptive table for your reference.

            If you are a Prepaid customer:



If you are a Postpaid customer:



Billo Shake IT 5GB New

Shake IT - 1GB for Bip Voice + Video New

Shake IT 1GB usage across 7 Apps New

Shake IT 3GB usage across 7 Apps New

Shake IT 7GB usage across 7 Apps New

Shake It anywhere 100 Minutes New

1GB Any Use Data

2GB Any Use Data

6GB Any Use Data New

Winners of $200 Bill write-off

Winners of d'Music 30 day Premium pass (access)

Winners of J$20,000 cash

Winners of 10 Entries into the reward competition



16. Is there a cost to obtain, trade or gift my reward?

No. The instant reward will be given to you for free so they can chose either accept, trade or gift to another number where applicable with no additional cost

 17. Can I have more than one Shake & Share reward active?


Yes. Depending on the type of reward won you can have multiple Shake & Share rewards active at the same time. In this case, transit and Rollover rules will apply.


18. So, is there rollover available for the Shake & Share rewards?

Yes. For rewards of the same category, if you win more than one data plan the validity of your reward plan will be extended to the longest validity.


19. Will I be able to check the status of my reward?

Yes of course. You will be able to check you bonus credit via the MyDigicel App.


20. If I win a Shake but don’t claim it, how long will it be valid for?

Your shake will be valid for 24hrs after an eligible action is done. After of which it will expire if it was not performed


21. What happens if I win a reward after Shake it but don’t claim it?

We still want to give you this gift: your Reward will be activated by default on your account


22. Can I activate a Prime or Legacy Plan if I have already active a Shake It reward?

Yes all rewards are compatible with all existing plans and vice versa, you will be able to win regardless of the type of plan you already have.

23. Tell me more about Rewards, what are the Prime Bundle discount rewards?

Okay, the Prime Bundle discount is a new reward that only applies to prepaid customers when buying our New Prime Bundles as described below


Shake it 10% Discount on next 1 Day Prime Bundle purchase

Shake It 10% Discount on next 3 Day Prime Bundle purchase

Shake It 10% Discount on next 7 Day Prime Bundle purchase

Shake It 15% Discount on next 28 Day Prime Bundle purchase





24. When can I use my Prime Bundle discount reward?

When you win a discount plan, the benefit will only apply on the next purchase or renewal of your Prime Bundle that is specific to that particular discount.

Also you will be given 30 days to use this prime bundle discount and will only apply to the Prime Bundle described in the reward.

One example: If you win a 10% discount on a 3 day Prime plan but purchase a 7 day Prime plan, then you will not be able to benefit from the discount.  


25. Can I win different Prime Bundle discount Rewards?


Yes. You can win several discount rewards but never the same discount plan type at the same time.


26. Can I use the discount reward with another Prime or Legacy plan?


No. The discount is only applicable to the specific Eligible Prime bundle plan.


27. Where can I call with the Talk minutes rewards?

The Talk minutes can be used to call to the following:

o    Use for on-net calls to

§  Local on-net mobile numbers

§  Fixed line WiMAX Numbers

§  Digicel+ landline

N.B the bonus call credit will rollover if the customers have won multiple shake and win within the 3 day period.

28. How can I use the SMS reward?

You can only use the 100 text reward to Digicel Mobile only.

29. How about the Digital bundle rewards, what is included?

The Digital Bundle is a new reward that include exclusive data and enhanced entry level for your digital applications as described below

Digital Application


Access Level


·         1GB

·         3GB

·         7GB

Data for all apps combined











Default Access


Default Access

30. Can I have a Digital App standalone plans and a Digital reward active at the same time?


Yes, you can have both App standalone plan and Digital Bundle reward active at the same time. Note however that the Digital reward balance will be used first. For example, if you have a Billo Standalone and a 7GB Digital Bundle reward, the reward will be used first.


31. Can I use a Digital Bundle reward with Legacy Plans?

Yes, you can activate a Digital Bundle rewards regardless of the type of plan

32. What else can I win in Shake & Share promotion?

You can also win cash rewards either through MyDigicel App or via entries to the grand raffle where you can win up to J$100,000.

Non-digital Rewards via MyDigicel App

2 daily winners of Cash Reward J$20,000

1 Entry For Grand Reward for Prepaid customers

10 Entries for Grand Reward for Postpaid customers

33. If I am a winner of a J$20,000 cash reward, how can I claim it?

You will be notified via SMS and In App notification that you won an Instant Daily Reward. You will see in the screen:

i. A voucher with a picture of the reward (for illustrative purposes only);

ii. A description of the reward with a QR code

iii. A telephone number to contact Digicel in order to arrange reward collection. 

iv. You will need to have a valid Government ID to claim

You will see the telephone number 1 (876) 380-0011 appear which you may call for details on how to redeem your reward. In any event, Digicel will contact you within 24-48 hours after winning. Note that you might be required to visit a participating Paymaster location, and present your government issued ID and signature in order to claim cash reward.


34. Tell me more about the new Shake & Share features… How can I gift my reward to someone else?

Once you win a reward you will be given the option to add the customers’ number and share the rewards. Note that this is depending on the type of reward as not all rewards can be gifted.

In order to gift your reward, you will need to follow the below steps:

·         Shake and win your reward.

·         Select the option “Gift” and then you will be given the option to enter a Digicel GSM number.

·         A list of rewards will be shown so you can choose one to gift to the receiver.

·         Select the reward and confirm.

·         Upon confirmation you will receive a confirmation screen in the MyDigicel App, after which the receiver will receive an SMS.

·         Instances where the reward is not compatible with the receiver. You will receive a screen notification advising that reward couldn’t be gifted to the receiver.




35. What are the rewards that can be gifted?

You will be able to gift your reward to another Digicel Mobile number


Shake that you can gift

Shake It 1GB Digital Apps

Shake It 3GB Digital Apps

Shake It 7GB Digital Apps

Billo Shake it 5 GB

Shake It - 200MB for BiP Voice + Video


Shake It - 100 Digicel Text


Shake It - 5 Digicel Minutes


Shake It - 10 Digicel Minutes

Shake It - 20 Digicel Minutes

500 MB Any Use Data

1 GB Any Use Data


3 GB Any Use Data


36. If the receiver is not eligible for the rewards gift, will I receive any notification?

If the gift is not compatible customer will receive an in-app notification that no rewards is available to the receiver’s number




37. If I receive a gift, how many gifts can I receive?

Yes, you will be able to receive up to two gifts within 24hrs hours.

38. Can I choose my rewards?

You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite reward of choice. If the customer does not claim or gift a reward within 24 hours after the win, the default reward will be activated on their account.



39. Let’s talk about the Grand Raffle, what are the weekly and grand Raffles?

All Prepaid & Postpaid Customers will have the opportunity to win outside of the Shake to Win promotion with our weekly and Grand Raffles. The rewards for this year 2020 are described below:



Grand Reward

26 Grand Reward winners of J$100,000 Cash



5 weekly winners of a Samsung T515 10in Tablet valued at J$45,000 +28day 6G data plan


10 weekly winners of Supermarket Vouchers valued at J$20,000


10 weekly winners of Digicel Smartphones valued at J$20,000



10 weekly winners of an internet upgrade to 400Mbps for year ( Digicel+ customers only)


















40. What are the dates of the Raffles?  

You will have the opportunity to enjoy Weekly Raffles as described below:


Weekly Qualifying Period

Raffle Dates



November 19 - 25, 2020

November 26, 2020.



November 26 - December 2, 2020

December 3, 2020.



December 3 - 9, 2020

December 10, 2020.



December 10 - 16, 2020

December 17, 2020.



December 17 - 23, 2020

December 24, 2020.



December 24 - 30, 2020

December 31, 2020.



December 31, 2020 - January 6, 2021

January 7, 2021.



January 7 - 13, 2021

January 14, 2021.



January 14 - 20, 2021

January 21, 2021.


Grand Raffle

Grand Reward Qualifying Period

Draw Date


November 19, 2020 - January 20, 2021

January 25, 2021






























41. I am a raffle winner, how can I claim my reward?

a.     You will be called by a Digicel representative notifying about the raffle reward

b.     You must present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, voters’ identification card or driver’s licence) and the Digicel Phone on which the winning call was received on. Customer will be required to sign a Redemption Form confirming their receipt of their reward.

c.     All Weekly Reward Winners (Tablets, Smartphones or Supermarket vouchers) are to be collected via the nearest dealer store as advised by a Digicel Representative.

d.     The Grand Reward Winners shall redeem their cash reward by bank transfer.

52. I won a Tablets or Smartphones or Supermarket voucher, where can I claim my Raffle reward?

You can visit the nearest dealer store advised by the Digicel representative

Cash rewards will be redeemed through Paymaster, the Digicel representative shall provide you  with additional information on the process

Below the list of authorized redemption centers to collect Tablets, Supermarket vouchers &  Smartphones


Store Name

Areas Served

Kingston & St. Andrew

•Digicel Iconic Store

•Kingston & St. Andrew

•Digicel Tropical Mall

•St. Thomas


•Digicel Caledonia Road



•St. Elizabeth

St. James

•Digicel Fairview

•St. James


Portland & St. Mary

•RAP Portland



•St. Mary

St. Catherine

•Urban Links, Portmore Mall

•St. Catherine


•Foundation Imports


St. Ann

•Luv Chat, Ocho Rios

•St. Ann


•UG's Main St.



•Microbeep Ltd., Falmouth


St. Thomas

•Speedtalk, Morant Bay

•St. Thomas




St. Elizabeth


•St. Elizabeth





Section I.

List of eligible Prepaid & Postpaid plans, add-ons and bundles to

Shake to Win promotion 2020.



250MB d’Music 1 day (BTL) Premium

Prime Postpaid Plan

Data Nights

Prime - Postpaid Intro


Prime - Postpaid Start

120MB Social

Prime - Postpaid Start (Enhanced)

60Mins Digicel Talk Add-On

Prime - Discounted Postpaid Core

60 MB Data Add-On

Prime - Postpaid Core

2 Day Social Media Add-On

Prime - Discounted Postpaid Plus

30Mins Digicel Talk Add-On

Prime - Postpaid Plus Prime

500MB d’Music 2 day (BTL) Premium

Postpaid Intro

1 Day 1 GB Add-on

Postpaid Start

Education Plan Add-On

Postpaid Start (Enhanced)

1 Day Social Media Add-on

Discounted Postpaid Core

2 Day 1 GB Data

Discounted Unlimited Postpaid Plan

1 Day Prime Bundle

Unlimited Postpaid Plan

2  Day 400MB BTL

Postpaid Core

2  Day 325MB

Discounted Postpaid Plus

2 Day 400MB MDA

Postpaid Plus

2 Day 750MB

Moresmart3 Day Roaming Bundle

2  Day 325MB  (MiFi Plan)

Gosmart(JAM) Moresmart

2 Day 250MB + Unlimited Talk BTL

Startsmart(JAM) Gosmart

2 Day 250MB + Unlimited Talk

Premiumsmart(JAM) Startsmart

1 Day PlayGo Pass

Elitesmart(JAM) Premiumsmart

d’Music 7 day (BTL) Premium

Maxsmart(JAM) Elitesmart

Small 275MB

All Star Postpaid Smart Plan(JAM) Maxsmart

2 Day Social+YT Plan

Select 1000(JAM) All Star Postpaid Smart Plan

Large 1.3GB

Du Select 1000(JAM) Select 1000

28 Day Education Tablet Plan

Du Select 2000(JAM) Du Select 1000

Int’l 650 – 30d

Select 2000(JAM) Du Select 2000

Int’l 850 – 30d

Select 3000(JAM) Select 2000

28 Day 2GB  + Unlimited Talk

Du Select 3000(JAM) Select 3000

14 Day 2GB Unlimited Social + talk plan

Du Select 5500(JAM) Du Select 3000

14 Day Summer Data Plan (Back to School)   

Select 5500(JAM) Du Select 5500

28 Day 2GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan (promo)

Select Access(JAM) Select 5500

30 Day PlayGo Pass

Du Select Access(JAM) Select Access

Roam Easy 7Day 250MB + 30mins

Select 2199  + Nw(JAM) Du Select Access

Int’l 1000  – 30d

Select 2999(JAM) Select 2199  + Nw

28 Day Social+YT Plan

Value350(JAM) Select 2999

28 Day 6.5GB

Value600(JAM) Value350

28 Day 6.5GB( MiFi Plan)

Smart250(JAM) Value600

28 Day 5GB + Unlimited Talk

Smart750(JAM) Smart250

28 Day 4GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan

Lte Gosmart+(JAM) Smart750

X-LARGE 4.3GB Quick Pick Bundle

Lte Moresmart+(JAM) Lte Gosmart+

Roam Easy 15 Day 500MB + 60mins

Lte Premiumsmart+(JAM) Lte Moresmart+

28 Day Prime Bundle

Anywhere 1499(JAM) Lte Premiumsmart+

28 Day 6GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan

Anywhere 1999(JAM) Anywhere 1499

10GB+10GB Night-time (MiFi Plan)

Select 1699  + Nw(JAM) Anywhere 1999

XX-LARGE 6GB Quick Pick Bundle

Select 1699  + Nw

30 Day UNLTD Data + Talk


Roam Easy 30 day 1GB + 60mins