Double SIM Brawta

Double SIM Brawta


Frequently Asked Questions 

Any Newly active Digicel Prepaid customer who purchases two (2) pre- provisioned SIM cards at a cost of $750+ tax will receive several benefits for a limited time.


A.      Each SIM will receive a FREE 3 Prime Brawta Bundle

B.      FREE calls between the two new SIMs for 6 months

C.      25% discount on 7 & 28 Day Prime Brawta  Bundles for 6 months

D.      10GB extra any-use data monthly for 12 months (all Brawta except 1 Day Prime Bundle)

Yes, auto-renewal of this plan will take place once the customer has sufficient credit.

This offer will commences on November 10, 2022 and will end December 31, 2022.


Customers benefiting from the offer will have up until June 30, 2023 to utilize the Family and Friends Plan.

Upon activation of the new SIMs, the FREE 3 Day Prime Brawta will be automatically added. Dealer rep will be required to assist customer with the activation of the Family and Friends Plan using the USSD codes *146#.

No, both activated/joined MSISDNs are restricted from adding other numbers to their group or for them to be added to another group.

Minutes that will be awarded upon the activation of the New Sim Family and Friends Plan will be capped at 2500 minutes per month. Each recipient will receive 2500 mins each month.


Free calls will only be successful once airtime is active on the accounts. If airtime is expired, the calls will not be allowed to go through (customers should still be required to top up and maintain their account)


Name of Plan

F/F FUP min

New Sim Family and Friends

2500 mins monthly for calls to VIP


If the customer reach the FUP for the month they should be charge the pay-go rate of $10.99+tax. 

If the customer activates a Prime Bundle or Voice Pack, the F/F minutes will be used first.


Minutes from the Family and Friends will not rollover each month. Minutes will be incremented.

Yes, the Family and friends plan should renew monthly, for six months.

Yes, customers will receive an expiration message once the plan expires.

Once the Family and Friends plan expires customers will lose access and be charge the Pay-Go rate ($10.99+ tax)

Yes, new customers will be able to activate all other existing plans while on the Family and Friends Plan.

The 25% discount on the 7 & 28 Day Prime Brawta Bundles will be available to customers between November 18th and June 30th 2023.


Eligibility for this offer will end on December 31st, 2022.

Customers with a Digicel Prepaid or Postpaid number will be able participate in the Promotion:


ü  Purchase one of the below eligible plans


ü  Single top up with JMD $300 or more


ü  Pay your Digicel bill in full and on time


The Eligible Customer will receive a “Pick n Win” notification inviting them to participate in the Promotion in the MyDigicel App and automatic entries into the weekly and Grand Draw raffles. A customer may win only once per day.