Double SIM Brawta

Double SIM Brawta Offer 


Terms and Conditions 

Qualification Period: February 1, 2023- March 31, 2023


These Double Sim Brawta (the “Offer”) terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your participation in the Offer. You should read these FAQs and Terms carefully before participating in the Offer.


“We” or “us” means Digicel (Jamaica) Limited, a company registered under the laws of Jamaica with registered offices at 14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston. References to “we”, “our” and “us” in these Terms also includes our subsidiaries and affiliates (“Affiliates”) from time to time.


“I” or “You” means the person accessing or participating in the Offer (and “my” and “your” shall have the same meaning).


By participating in the Offer, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


These Terms incorporate the Prime Brawta Bundle Terms and Conditions, Digicel’s Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms and Conditions, which you can access via our website.


If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, you should stop participating in the Offer immediately.


Customers who pay $850 inclusive of tax will receive (2) pre-provisioned SIM cards that will receive the below offers:


ü  Each SIM will receive a FREE 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle


ü  FREE calls between the two new SIMs until December 31, 2023

Yes, auto-renewal of this plan will take place once the customer has sufficient credit.

Upon activation of the new SIMs, the FREE 3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle will be automatically added. The dealer representative will be required to assist the customer with the activation of the Family and Friends Plan by using the USSD codes *146#.


MSISDN A will be required to follow instructions to add MSISDN B. MSISDN B will then confirm. Once confirmation is provided the Family & Friends plan will be activated.

No, both activated/joined MSISDNs are restricted from adding other numbers to their group or for them to be added to another group.

Minutes that will be awarded upon the activation of the New Sim Family and Friends Plan will be capped at 2500 minutes per month for each recipient. However, free calls will only be successful once airtime is active on the accounts. If airtime is expired, the calls will not be allowed to go through (customers should still be required to top up and maintain their account).

If the customer has exhausted their maximum allotment (2500 minutes) for the month they will be be charged the Pay As You Go (Pay-Go)  rate of $10.99+tax. 

If the customer activates a Prime Bundle or Voice Pack, the Friends and Family minutes will be used first.

Minutes from the Family and Friends will not rollover each month

Yes, the Family and friends plan will automatically renew monthly until December 31, 2023.

Yes, customers will receive an expiration message once the plan expires.

Once the Family and Friends plan expires customers will lose access and be charge the Pay-Go rate ($10.99+ tax)

Yes, new customers will be able to activate all other existing plans while on the Family and Friends Plan.

Yes, customers will receive the below SMS:


Notification point           


100 mins remaining

Usage Alert: 100mins left for family and friends mins. You will pay $10.99 per min. Buy a voice pack for as low as JMD20 via or *147#.

50 mins remaining

Usage Alert: 50mins left for family and friends mins. You will pay $10.99 per min. Buy a voice pack for as low as JMD20 via or *147#.

0 mins remaining

Usage Alert: 0mins left for family and friends mins. You will pay $10.99 per min. Buy a voice pack for as low as JMD20 via or *147#.


Additional Terms and Conditions


A. The Offer is for your personal use and not for commercial use.


B.  We reserve the right to disqualify you or terminate the Offer if, in our sole opinion, the Offer is being abused.


C. We reserve the right to modify, extend or discontinue (permanently or temporarily), the Offer.


D. We reserve the right to, at any time, with or without notice, vary or cancel the terms and conditions of these Offer. In the event of us giving notice to you of any such changes to or cancellation of the Offer, it shall suffice for us to give you notice via messages to your handset/device or to post such notification on the Digicel website or the MyDigicel mobile application. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notification.