Frequently Asked Questions

Launch date:  July 25, 2014


Last update date: September 1, 2021         



Activation & Balance Check

Sign-up/ Activation Code

*147# or *147*119#

Balance Check

*120*190# or *147# or *147*119#

or use the My Digicel App  



 1. What is DigiLoan? 

Digiloan is a service that allows selected Prepaid customers to borrow credit and repay within 30 days. To be eligible to request a DigiLoan, customers are required to have an active account and no outstanding DigiLoan.


A fee of $10 per request will be charged for loans less than $100. Loans greater than $100 will attract a service fee of 10% of the loan amount.


For example, Jane Doe gets a $500 DigiLoan. She is required to pay 10% of $500 in addition to the $500 credit she borrowed. In total, Jane is to repay $500 + Service Fee of $50 = $550.



2. How do I get a DigiLoan?

·         Selected Prepaid customers will be notified via text message that they are eligible for a DigiLoan.  

·         Dial *147# or *147*119# to request a loan. A menu will appear prompting you to enter 1 for DigiLoan. Select the amount you’d like to borrow, and confirm the request by selecting Option 1.

·         You’ll receive a text message confirming that the requested loan amount and service fee have been applied to your account. Dial *147# or *147*119# to check your DigiLoan balance.

·         To repay a DigiLoan, you are required to do a direct Top-Up or receive a CreditU transfer within 30 days of requesting the loan. Once your payment is received, you will receive a text message notification that looks like this: 

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3. How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from $10 to $5,000 worth of Prepaid credit.

Please note the loan amount available varies among customers.

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4.  Can I have multiple DigiLoans?

Yes. You can request additional loans before repaying the previous loans. However, you must ensure that you repay each loan within 30 days from the date it was received.


5. How do I check my DigiLoan balance?

Use the MyDigicel app or dial any of the following short codes then press SEND.

·         *120*190#,

·         *147#

·         *147*119#


6. What happens if the Top-Up I made is not enough to repay the DigiLoan?

That’s okay, you can continue to Top-Up or receive CreditU until the amount is fully repaid within 30 days of the receiving your DigiLoan.


For example: If you borrow $50 credit that attracts a service fee of $10, and you then receive a CreditU transfer of $40, Digicel will apply the $40 credit to reduce your $60 DigiLoan balance to $20.


Please note that service fees are repaid before the amount borrowed.

7. Which Top-Up methods can be used to repay a DigiLoan?

Direct Top-Up including scratch-off vouchers, electronic vouchers, online Top-Up and CreditU transfers.


Please note: You have 30 days to repay a DigiLoan. Failure to repay will result in your number being removed from the DigiLoan service until the system requalifies you.

8. Will customers be able to use DigiLoan while roaming?

No. The DigiLoan service is only available for use in Jamaica. However, if there is an outstanding DigiLoan and you do a Direct Top-Up while roaming, it will go towards repaying your DigiLoan.


9. What can customers do with a DigiLoan?


·         Make calls to local any local number and international numbers at the standard calling rates (Gimme Five calling rates do not apply).

·         Activate a Prime Bundle, International and Roaming Plans

10. What is the rate to make calls and send text messages from the DigiLoan balance?

    • The standard Prepaid calling rate of $10.49 per minute.
    • The Special Telephone Call Tax will also be charged from your DigiLoan balance.


11. Which services are not permitted to be used with a DigiLoan?


·         Calls to toll-free numbers and special numbers such as 114 (Directory Assistance)

·         Participation in Text2Win promotions, Digi Info service, Digi-Chat service

·         Data browsing Pay-as-You-Go (PAYGO) rates

·         Transfer credit to another customer

12. If a customer has bonus credit and bundled minutes in addition to their DigiLoan balance, which will be used first?

·         Your International Calling Plan minutes and Diaspora Triple/ Double Bubble bonus credit allotments will be used up before the DigiLoan balance is affected.

13. Does my DigiLoan credit expire?

No. However, if your account becomes inactive due to lack of adding direct Top-Up at least once per month, you will be required to do a direct Top-Up in order to be able to use the DigiLoan balance on your account.

14. What happens if I repay my loan before using up all of my DigiLoan?

It will continue to be available until you have used it in full.