Digicel Magna Rewards

Digicel + Magna Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the Digicel + Magna Rewards Partnership?

It allows Digicel customers to earn Magna Reward points whenever they top up $1,000 or more, or use Postpaid mobile service.

2.    How does the Digicel + Magna Partnership work?

It is exclusively for existing Digicel customers who have already linked their mobile account to a Magna Rewards account.


3.    Once linked, how do customers earn points with their Digicel mobile number?

Prepaid customers already registered with Magna earn points based on their monthly spend. This means points are earn based on charges customers incur for voice, data or other activities on their account each month.


Postpaid customers already registered with Magna earn points based on the amount that is billed to their account, inclusive of in and out-of-bundle spend.


4.    Where can I redeem my Magna Rewards points?

Your Magna Reward points can be redeemed at any approved Magna Rewards Partner. See list of retailers.



Kingston & St. Andrew

Bashco, Rapid True Value, Golden Grocery Ltd., Hawkeye Electronics, Innovative Systems Ltd, John R. Wong Supermarket, Loshusan Supermarket, Lee's Food Fair, Lee's Family Pharmacy, Mayfair Pharmacy, Molynes Family Pharmacy, Natural Health Food Stores, Sovereign Supermarket, Stationery Word, Texaco (96C Molynes Rd)  &  3 Caledonia Ave), Trafalgar Travel

St. Thomas

Joong Supermarket


Bashco, Rapid True Value, Stewarts Hardware, Trafalgar Travel

St. Catherine

Bashco, Dixon's Drug Store Ltd, Joong Supermarket, Med-Life Pharmacy, Portmore mall Pharmacy, Rapid True Value, Sampar's Cash & Carry, Stewart's Hardware, Texaco (Greater Portmore), Towncentre Pharmacy, Trafalgar Travel

St. Ann

Bashco, L&M Meats, Rapid True Value, Trafalgar Travel


TAJ Pharmacy & Gift Centre

St. James

Bashco, Chin's Radio & Sales, J&J Pharmacy, Lloyd's of Montego Bay, Queen's Supermarket, Rapid True Value, Texaco (Barnett Street), Trafalgar Travel


Hillside Enterprise, Orion Supermarket & Wholesale, Texaco (Falmouth)


Bashco, Trafalgar Travel


Bashco, Haughton's Pharmacy, Rapid True Value, Stewart's Hardware


Guardian Life Insurance, Paymaster, Scotiabank


5.    Can I redeem my Magna Rewards points at Digicel?

Yes. Use your rewards to buy Prepaid credit, pay your mobile bill, or purchase a new smartphone.


6.    How can customers check their points balance?

Digcel customers already registered with Magna are invited to download and register to use the Magna Rewards app from the Google Play Store or App store.


7.    Can I see how many points I earned through Digicel?

No. Points displayed in the Magna Rewards app are the combination of all the points you earned through Magna’s partners.


8.    If I am a Digicel customer but I have not yet signed up for a Magna Rewards account, can I still do that?

Yes, feel free to contact Magna Rewards directly at 876-968-9872 to sign up.


9.    How do I earn Magna Rewards points through Digicel?

Effective August 1, 2021, customers earn up to 2 Magna Rewards points for every $1,000.00 spent.


10. Were customers notified about this change to the Magna Rewards scheme?

Yes. Customers were advised via text messages and our website.


Text: As of Aug 1, 2021, you’ll begin to earn 2 Magna points for every $1,000 spent with Digicel. Continue to enjoy the benefits!