Digi Loan FAQs

 DigiLoan FAQ

USSD Codes:  

Short Codes

Data Loan Activation

*147# or *147*119#

Balance Check

*147# or *147*119# and My Digicel App



Digicel Data Loan service allows select prepaid customers an opportunity to request Prime Brawta Bundles in advance and pay later. Data loans will attract a loan fee of 12% of the cost of the Prime Brawta Bundle.  Once a loan is requested, it will automatically activate the Prime Brawta bundle that is requested. 

a. A customer will have the option to activate a Prime Brawta Bundle via a loan service, once they dial *147# or *147*119#.


b. Customers will be able to access variable loan amounts ranging from as low as $195 up to a maximum loan amount of $3,000.


c. Based on eligibility, customers will qualify for various Data Loan amounts. Therefore, they may not be able to qualify for all available loan amounts. All dataloans will attach a fee of 12% service fee.


d. Customers will be able to request a Credit Advance and a dataloan once they are qualify.


e. Customers will be able to use all Top-Up methods including Credit U transfers for loan repayments.


f. Direct TopUp and Credit U can be used to repay the Data Loan.


g. Customers who have taken a Data Loan will be required to repay outstanding loans within a thirty (30) day period. If loans are not repaid on time (within a 30 day period after loan access) you will be barred from accessing additional loans via DATA LOAN service for an additional period of 30 days. The barring period begins immediately after the last recharge is made to fully repay the outstanding loan amount.


h. Once your account goes into bad debt (an outstanding loan amount for a period equal to or greater than 30 days) and the 30 day barring period has passed; if you wish to continue using the dataloan service, your maximum allowed loan value will be of a lesser value than the previous allowed maximum loan value.

Plan Name



Total Payback

1 Day Prime Brawta Bundle




3 Day Prime Brawta Bundle




7 Day Prime Brawta Bundle




28 Days Prime Brawta Bundle




Customers are able to request a Data Loan by dialing *147# or *147*119# 

Customers will be required to access the Data Loan menu via *147# to verify if there is any data loan available. Customers will also receive an SMS or EOCN once they are below $50JMD to advise if they qualify for a Digiloan.  

No, customer will not need any main balance in order to request a Data Loan. 

Yes, there is service fee of 12% on all dataloans.  

No, customers will not be able to request additional data loans, once they have an outstanding loan they will be advised to clear existing Data loans and reapply.

Customers may check their credit advance balance by dialing the below

· UMM -*147#, or *147*119#

· My Digicel APP (a.mydigicelapp.com) 

Customers can repay the loan via all top-up methods (plastic, electronic, online and Credit U can be used to repay credit advance loans). Customers will be given 30 days to repay the loan; if this is not done, the customer will be removed from all credit advance services (Digiloan and Data Loan)  until the system requalified them after full repayment of the loan. 

Yes, customers can have multiple loans outstanding once they qualify. 

Once the customer has a loan outstanding for more than 30 days they will not qualify for a Data Loan or DigiLoan. Customers will be advised that they are barred from all loan offers until they have fully repaid their outstanding loan balance. 

No, if the customer is not qualified for the DigiLoan they will receive the below error: 

Yes, once a credit transaction is done it will be used for the repayment of the Data loan first then the DigiLoan. 

This service is an ongoing product.

The amount the customer tops up with will be used to repay the loan amount immediately. The remaining balance will be repaid upon the next top-up until the loan is paid in full.