Diaspora Big Data Plans FAQs

 Diaspora Big Data Plans FAQ

The Big Data Plans allow relatives and friends of customers living in the USA, Canada, UK, and other international territories the opportunity to send data based plans to their loved ones in Jamaica. These data packed plans will ONLY be available for purchase internationally via www.DigicelInternational.com

Below are the details of the Big Data Plans:


CAIN Plan Name


Data Allotment


Digi Talk



7-Day 40GB Big Data Plan




Internationally Only:


14-Day 40GB Big Data Plan




Internationally Only:


28-Day 40GB Big Data Plan




Internationally Only:



Any active Digicel prepaid customer can receive these plans from an international Top Up.

Minutes given on the Big Plans will cover the below local calls:

o Digicel Landline

o Digicel Mobile 

No, there is no Fair Usage Cap, Digi to Digi calling is truly unlimited.

Data will be placed and managed in the main data DA (DA 150)

Yes, customers on the Big Plans will be given unlimited rollover for main data once their plan early renews. Ie. If the customer receives ANY Big Data plan while on an existing Big Data Plan. Once they receive a new Big Plan, the plan will be valid for the duration of the longer plan.

When the customer is within the grace period (until 12 am on the day of expiry) and then receives a new Big Data Plan, they will be allowed to keep 12GB max from the old plan plus the data given with the new plan.

Once the plan expires, customers will lose access to the unlimited calls and data.

No. The plan will NOT auto-renew as activation should only be triggered by international purchases, as mentioned above. 

No. These plans will not be available for activation via UMM or MDA.

Data Balance check can be completed via UMM, *120*9#, and MDA.

Any customer that wishes to transit between Big Data Plans will be able to do so.

Customers on a Big Data Plan will be able to transit to and away from the below suite of plans:

    § Prime Bundles

    § Social + YT Plans

    § Quick Pick Plans

    § Nuff Data + Unlimited Talk Plans

    § Unlimited Social + Talk Plans

    § 30 Day Unlimited Data & Talk Plan

    § Stay Connected Plans