Credit U FAQs

 Credit ME / Credit U FAQ

· The CreditMe / CreditU allows Digicel’s customers to request and transfer credit from one Digicel phone to another Digicel phone in Jamaica along with any mobile international number. 

· Yes, they can. However, only international mobile numbers which have a text messaging agreement and/or roaming agreement with Digicel are able to receive CreditMe Messages.

Note: If a CreditMe is sent to an invalid number or to a network that does not have an agreement with Digicel, the customer will get a message confirming that the request was sent, however the person will not receive the message.

· CreditMe allows prepaid customers to request credit from another Digicel Jamaica customer or any International Mobile number.

· CreditU allows prepaid and postpaid customers to transfer credit to Digicel prepaid customers.

· Yes, they are separate services which may be used independently. 

· No, customers may request and receive any variable amount equal to or greater than JMD $15.

Yes, customers can transfer up to JMD $20,000 daily. 

· Customers must be a prepaid Digicel subscriber with their balance being less than $3 in order to send to a local number.

· Yes there is a limit to the amount of CreditMe requests customers may send. They may send no more than 21 CreditMe requests per week, that is, 21 requests including both local (Digicel to Digicel) and International CreditMe requests.

· The codes customers can dial to use the services are:

§ CreditMe: *127*1(area code) mobile number*amount# SND OR *127# SND, which will redirect to a UMM menu that allows customers the option to send credit me.

Example: Mary’s prepaid number is 18764798724. She wants to request JMD50.00 from John – John’s number is 18763817865. To request the funds, Mary simply uses the following steps:     

§ CreditU: *128*1(area code) mobile number*amount# SND,

Example: If John wishes to send JMD50.00 credit to Mary using CreditU, he will simply send the following USSD string:

“*128*18764798724*50#” SND

John will then be asked to confirm by dialing *128*1# SND (see screenshot below):

· To send a CreditMe request to an international number, customers may do so by typing the following from a blank screen on your handset:

    *127*1areacodenumber*amount requested# SND. *127# will also redirect them to the UMM menu which will give them the option to send credit.


§ Customer “A - requestor” (380-9999) wants to request $100 from Customer “B - sender” (1 213 555-5555) in USA.

§ Customer “A” sends *127*12135555555*100# SND.

· Customer “A” (requestor) will receive the following message:

    “You have requested {AMNT} from 1876mobilenumber. Requesting credit from abroad just got easier! Just dial *127#. Text ICME to 137 for info”.

· This allows the requestor to check the number to which the CreditMe was sent. If there was an error, the requestor can send another request.

· Customers are allowed 21 CreditMe requests per week. 

· Customer “B” (creditor) would receive the following text message:

    “Please credit me x JMD. Send credit via MyDigcel at, CreditU, (*128#) OR Top U Up (*125#).”

· If customer B (creditor) is an international customer, they would receive the following text message:

· To send a CreditU, customers must satisfy the following criteria:

    § Must be a Digicel prepaid or postpaid customer;

    § Must have an active account

        o Prepaid (i.e. airtime or service period not expired)

        o Postpaid (i.e. account should not be disconnected due to overdue bills, e.t.c)

    § Must have adequate balance

        o Prepaid – so as to have at least JMD $1 left on the account after the transfer and service fee is deducted.

        o Postpaid – available balance must be adequate to transfer required amount. 

· Yes, they can correct it. While attempting to send credit customers will be given the opportunity to confirm the information submitted. They will receive the following confirmation message:

    “To send JMD 200.00 to 18763768945, $6.00 will be taken from your account. From a blank screen, type *128*1# to agree, or *128*2# to cancel. Reply in 2 mins.”

· If they made an error, they can cancel the request by typing 128*2#, and start over. 

· The creditor receives the following USSD message:

    o “Request received”

· If successful, this is followed by an SMS message:

    “18763809999 got JMDXX.XX. JMD XX.XX was taken from your account. It’s easier to CreditU at – Send credit to your phone contacts.” 

· Recipients will receive the following SMS notification:

  ·  o “You have received JMD XX.XX from 1876XXXXXXX. Your new balance is JMD XX.XX.”

· Customers will receive 7 days airtime extension when they receive a Credit U transaction. 

· The amendment is to extend the service fee period to 127 days when customers receive a credit U transaction.


Eg1. If customer A has 100 days for their Service fee period (days before expiry) and 0 days remaining in their supervision fee period (airtime) then receives a Credit U transfer, customer A’s Service fee will be extended to 127 days and the airtime will now be 7 days.


Eg2. If customer A has 67 days Service fee period with 0 days of airtime, and customer A receives a Credit U transfer, their Service fee period will be changed from 67 days to 127 days and the airtime will now be 7 days.


Eg3. If customer A has 141 days for their Service Fee Period with 21 days of airtime, and receives a Credit U transfer, customer A’s service fee period and supervision fee period (airtime) will remain and not be changed.

· Once the Service Fee Period is less than 127 days and a Credit U transfer is done, the service fee period will be set to 127 days. However, if the Service Fee Period is more than 127 days, there will be no change.

· This means when the Credit U transfer is done, the Service Fee Period will remain and will not be extended.

· No, there is no charge for sending CreditMe requests. 

· Yes, customers will be charged JMD $6.00 per transfer.

· CreditU is a Mobile Commerce Transaction and ALL such transactions incur a service charge to the customer (E.g. Wire Transfer service provided by commercial banks.)

· This is to also ensure that Digicel is able to cover its costs for providing this service. 

· A USSD message confirming receipt of the transfer request is immediately delivered, stating: “Request received”. Thereafter, an SMS presenting details of the completed transaction will be delivered.

· Customers are automatically provisioned to send CreditMe and CreditU messages once they are a prepaid customer.


· If they are a postpaid customer they will be blacklisted (i.e. restricted) from using the CreditMe service, however individual Postpaid customers will be automatically provisioned to use the CreditU service.


· Postpaid customers are NOT able to receive a CreditU. However, they will be allowed to send CreditU.


· All Corporate Postpaid and VIP Postpaid customers are by default blacklisted (i.e. restricted) from using both the CreditMe and CreditU service for the following reason:


    These accounts will be restricted from using the CreditMe and CreditU service - in an effort to ensure that companies and their employees with Corporate or VIP accounts are not able to transfer funds to friends and family at their company’s expense. It will also reduce the company’s exposure to fraud.

· Yes. Corporate Postpaid and VIP Postpaid customers may request removal from the CreditU blacklist by using the following procedure:


    The company’s account administrator calls 469-CORP (2677) and speaks to an agent from Premium Corporate Care (PCC) or Major Accounts (MA) and request service inclusion. Alternatively they may send a request in writing to PCC.


· Once the customer has been verified to be an official company representative, the postpaid number(s) submitted for service inclusion will be removed from the CreditU blacklist by the Premium Corporate Care (PCC) or Major Accounts (MA) agent.


· The customer is now whitelisted and can use the CreditU service.

Note: As it relates to CUGs, account managers can request the service for their own account and for selected members of their CUG. The normal process for verification of corporate customers still applies.

· No. Postpaid customers CANNOT request removal from the CreditMe blacklist. The rationale behind postpaid customers being excluded from the service is that we encourage postpaid customers to pay their bills, unlike prepaid customers they have the luxury of using the service now and paying later. 

· CreditMe / CreditU are USSD based services. They will work once the roaming network/s support USSD services. 

· Yes. Customers are able to transfer credit to and from customers in other islands within which Digicel operates, irrespective of your location and that of the recipient EXCEPT the OECS islands (Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, St.Lucia & St. Vincent), that use the same currency. 

· No. As with CallMe, barring will not be available. 

· As with CallMe, barring will not be available. Extreme cases, that could be considered ‘abuse’, will be referred to CCTECH that will take appropriate action.

· A SMS is received advising creditor stating the following:

    “Sorry, 1876xxxxxxx is unable to receive your transfer at this time, please try again later.” 

· No. Customers are responsible for securing their handsets and will be responsible for all activities generated from the handset.

· In the event of theft, the existing procedures apply and once reported to Customer Care, service will be de-activated.

· They will be issued the following error message:

    “Your attempt to transfer JMD xxx to 1876xxxxxxx has failed because you do not have enough credit. Please add credit to your account and try again.”