Champions League Stream To Win

SportsMax Champions League


Stream To Win- Party Cooler Promotion 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Promotional Period: April 26- May 22, 2022


1.     Tell me about the “SportsMax Champions League Stream to Win Promotion”.

It is open to all Digicel customers to get chances to win a Champions League-themed cooler packed with all the drinks and snacks they’ll need to enjoy the epic matchup while streaming the Champions League live on SportsMax.


2.     How do I participate?


·       Download and install the latest version of the SportsMax app on iOS or Android (IOS 3.1.2 & Android 3.1.2)

·       Stream the Champions League semi-finals and any other sports content available in the app.

·       You will also receive a download link when you activate a Prime Brawta Bundle.


The top two streamers with the longest amount of time on the app at the end of the promotion will win the cooler prize.


3.      Where can I watch the Champions League?


Watch it on the SportsMax app or SportsMax TV channels .


6.     Can I login as a guest and participate?


No. You must login to the app using your Digicel mobile number in order to be eligible to participate in the promotion.


7.     Which Prime Bundle gives access to SportsMax?

·       1-Day Brawta Bundle

·       2-Day Brawta Bundle

·       3-Day Prime Brawta Bundle

·       5-Day Brawta Bundle

·       7-Day Prime Brawta Bundle

·       14-Day Prime Brawta Bundle

·       28-Day Prime Brawta Bundle

·       30-Day Prime 3400 Bundle


8.     What else should I know about being eligible to participate in this promotion?

This promotion is open to Digicel Jamaica subscribers (Postpaid and Prepaid) except


·       Customers who have opted not to participate in any of Digicel’s promotional giveaways

·       Employees of Digicel and its subsidiaries

·       VIP Attractions Tourist Bundle SIM users

·       Corporate accounts, including Postpaid and Hybrid

9.     If I am a winner, what else do I need to know?


a.       A Digicel representative will contact you via this telephone number: 876-619-5000

b.      We will attempt to call you from that number up to three times within twenty-four (24) hours.

c.       If you do not answer our calls, we will name the participant with the second highest time spent on the app as the first-place winner.

d.      We will continue to reach the next ranked participants until we have found our two Grand Prize winners.

e.      During the telephone call, the Digicel representative will let you know where and how to redeem your prize.

f.        You will be required to provide a government-issued ID to collect your prize. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, a parent or guardian who must carry a government-issued ID to collect the prize on your behalf must accompany you.

g.       You agree that, if you are a winner, you will permit photographs of you to be taken, and for your image, likeness and name to be used for public relations and marketing purposes free of cost, including publishing on social media, mainstream media, the SportsMax app, and other platforms that we may choose. If you refuse to do so, you acknowledge that this will result in forfeiture of your right to claim the prize. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, your parent or guardian must consent to this on your behalf.